Welcome to Phantom

Welcome to Phantom v7... in 2 acronyms:
o FNTM - F(reespeech) N(udes) T(wn) M(agic)
o MaCDi - Ma(gic) C(ancer & teen fatigue) D(ID)


Let's start... With F!

Freespeech, and calling injustice and abuse by its names, https://mervynvk.tumblr.com/post/647056856618041344
is more important than ever. Truth is fundamental in a free society... But...

o art & freespeech are voices of the suppressed, xeno
o diminishing freespeech is xenofobic, EU & USA!!
o in the digital world, with cams, social media & messaging CONNECTIVITY is HIGH.
In such a worldwide system there is a tendency towards emergence of DIFFERENT
LANGUAGES and STRATIFICATION... Hence: risk of xenofobia

For the latter, imagine the difference between a widespread, large organism and one that is compact, with high connectivity, a happy, critical mouth for fun and yummy stuff and a small ass. The large system with low connectivity is much less xenofobic than the other. People on this planet have become more connected, 2009-2020. Thus, the world is at risk of EMERGENT xenofobia.

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See crises: http://phantom.university/node/306

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