latest crises

(4) older:

1997-2012 fight for climate awareness
2008 financial crisis
2009 Pres. Obama, or the end of the
Irish clans, hawks, cw era, ww2 ally

(7) crises:

2012 end of witch freedom: '54 til '12 PRSNL
2013 14 wars Syria, Iraq, Ukraine - Russia in
2016 19 21 steps by EU against freespeech
and for truth, both fundamental free society

2019 covid-19 crisis - perp C - ww4 within 7
2021 Jan occup CapHill - media US Lr bal

2018-2030 12yrs to act climate, 6th extinction
Products, vehicles:
Economic & Industrial sectors:
ref - sector check: the Phantom megamachine
News update:
EXTINCTION (SD June 2015) says - ... Focusing on vertebrates, the group for which the most reliable modern and fossil data exist, the researchers asked whether even the lowest estimates of the difference between background and contemporary extinction rates still justify the conclusion that people are precipitating "a global spasm of biodiversity loss." The answer: a definitive yes. " We emphasize that our calculations very likely UNDERestimate the severity of the extinction crisis, because our aim was to place a realistic LOWER bound on humanity's IMPACT ...

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