Observations on abuse prevention - from role models to dating site markets

First the central question...

How to break men's superior class position?,
from which they abuse, cruel & minorly,
so easily, and often hardly aware of the
position of men compared to women.

To break this power on a large scale,
we could think of the following options...

o first a problem: the media, like YouTube,
TV, and papers focuses on drama and
extremes ... So little good from that ...
Except when a movement has evenly
spectacular momentum ... Like metoo
in 2017-2018 or blacklivesmatter in

o we'd say, divide and conquer
- divide men in good and bad
publish their qualities and bad stuff
- so in practice this happens in
social life in the flesh and
on especially Facebook, messaging
and by means of reviews on dating sites
- this makes 'meeting' into a market
but we like being modern and digital
so we feel there's no alternative

o in the 80s and 90s people's attention
during evening leasure time was more
focused on very popular TV sitcoms
and talkshows like My Two Dad's
and Dr. Phil and Oprah Winfrey...
- now, there's YouTube instead of
TV and on YouTube the spectacle,
dance & entertainment rules,
everybody is watching random
amateur footage in lots of cases.
You & YouTube itself creates your bubble.
And YouTube is no Oprah Winfrey,
it's a boys cult and very far from
feminist or moderate.
TV series focus more on very young
or middle aged audiences with series
and sitcoms. So role models still do
have a share in all media. It's there,
but the user-made or Web 2.0 as it was
called makes for less focus and less
unity in what Western society can promote
(as role models).


For you, 12 to 22 year olds we conclude
that for safety and equality of women,
versus the abuse and superiority from
men, the possibilities of digital, which

to create markets like Facebook
and dating sites with rumor and reviews
can help

date safely and getting to live with
men that are more equal and less
abusive and superior behaving.

Safer, no abuse and more equal:
what we set out to attain.

The rest of this site is more
about victims of abuse and cancer,
but this short observation belongs
on Phantom as well. Prevention
and the future is important to all,
both the new generation and girls
and women who start again with
a man, after abuse like rape, abuse
(physical), incest or neglect.

Welcome to Phantom!


Thank You

We hope to extend the above list of
options to reduce the inequality
between men & women.

Under construction

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