The main random library for download
Largely off-topic ... If you like discovery

Three years of PU

Images for current world of

o post Trump world, crises,
history, & personal

o Media
Ofbiz? parties and functions separated, for open mind!

o phantom's magic stars n symbols

o state machine - Lijpje M. Nokia 7plus
on 0108

on 0108



New! Spirit theory by Phantom
Ps consists of advanced neuroscience
Hard to comprehend for layman



a) download my report (20mb) into Moscow child porn, exists 1yr, apr21

Update on Moscow child porn, see above
o all these green-white sites
are now removed GOOD
o were core in small network (1), served as
ad for moneymaking cam-sites, vpn, games,
casino ... Dutch, like Phantom SAD
o tech: used cookies to unstealth, maybe session
o tech counter: preview seems legal, while...
illegal images blocked by reset, not domain
o recommendation by Phantom:
1) check out knowledge of moneymakers
of reality of their child porn (in) link
2) phantom opposes cams with sex & blowjob
since blowjob leads to sex, sex involves 3rd
3) reminder: DNS enables central grip on Web,
computers are for good, smart tech is no jungle.
companies sell products (law), what is 'cloud'?
considering: Bullying, threat, intimidation,
stalking, abuse, rape, suicide, risk of
damage to BODY and LIFE... Let us save the Web!

b) read my report, child porn: follow the money

c) no longer present! from california, netherlands,
cp selfievids_nude_tweens_teens
concerns 3-5 million girls, prim. from West!!
ps Phantom helped kill DepFile
in April 2018 which hosted 600,000 vids

You're welcome :|

Ps Europol is 50,000% understaffed we believe, but good jobs!

About me, medical xp & prothesis
enthusiast engineer: Lijpje M vK

=== +
All zips are under 400mb, so its encryptable as one part...


More downloading

Try the pre-2010 system


Some guidance on finding a server


Enjoy total privacy
And trading and offers that allows
on the Dark WEB:


Thank you for downloading :)

Back to front of PU schools


=== eof

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