Magick & Wiccan / Druid writings


Six of Eight Wiccan Festivals
The Year Round - Year repeats
And Life honours Old Way -
And in Your Day secure Next Life


For Phantom, before he was a phantom
(after 2008-2012), it took from 1999 til
2004 before he got an hunch of what
Magick life would be ABOUT
(Edu, girls, girlpower, Tori, Dakota, RAINN
and boys, Christianity and Baha'i later, 2015)

What this Magick history shows is
that magic takes time

o routines, FESTs first
o study with a goal next
o and finally, fulfilment
in care for magic and an issue

This magic library is quite big
We created it about 7 years ago
We find it vague, it's not the style
of the rest of Phantom school info

Magick library, old style:


More will follow

If you need confirmation ...

Love is about

o beauty, falling in love
o doing stuff with loved one
o and information, knowing
your environment approves
your love, and approve and
fully enjoy love & life
o kids ... working for NOT you
o but you don't separate you
and a baby or kid
o teaching about stuff
o 5-7 kids peers take over
o old friends let go

o NB this takes so much time...
o you go through life phases
o develop :)

To ask for confirmation
of you or Magick, ask for
research or the study program...

Anything... We got enough
time to care answering!:

Mail page:

Back to front:

Or use menu on right ->

Thank You!

"Read UP if it's down :)" -
PU - Phantom Uni Schools
Wassenaar town, ZH

=== eof

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