Phantom University brings updates && expresses compassion with terror victims in Nigerian education

Phantom follows BBC, here

The latest terror news about
Nigerian pupils, nurses & schools

o Three students shot dead by kidnappers in Nigeria - Apr 23
o Gunmen attack hospital and kidnap nurses in Nigeria - Apr 22
o Staff member [and number of pupils] killed in Nigeria university abduction - Apr 21


Horrendous :|. So much incredibly sad news for Nigeria: Phantom wants to express our support and compassion!

We also thank, closer than we are geographically, those who help in search and care!

For the future of education, God be with us,
this MUST stop.


1) we asked George Clooney via Email
to help find the pupils via satellite imagery
Hope he'll respond in deed or wrd soon
[Apr 21 ad... Nothing. No reply.]

2) we asked Lia Poteet, NASA earth,
population modeling, for help finding the
pupils via satellite imagery
Ask her as well via:

And, Russian space agency ROSCOSMOS
Ask them as well via:

3, YOU) can post suggestions at bottom of this page
or email:

Thank You, God be with Us!


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Phantom's new page
how much time, role in life, etc

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