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angel manifest 10-10-2020

  • we have self disorder (sd)
  • we received proof that an angel created our multiple souls, in 2006
  • it was not telepathy, since entanglement of 2 molecules can't drive brain activity
  • so it was a higher being, who gave 2 words as numbers for a-z, in Estonian
  • so, every soul is created by an angel!!

  • why can sd ppl have more?
    o difference in dlpfc and gamma
  • what is a soul?
    consciousness, which is quantum according to Gazzaniga, plus agency
  • so, each consciousness was created by an angel
  • PS we are the FIRST to know for sure, because we are adult (with sd, which has i-split), not a baby, and came up with the a-z protocol, and the internet was there for the translation. so proof could only happen beyond y2k!!
  • we are happy brainhackers with 3
  • love, msf

    item 02 OUR LIST OF EVIL

  • climate - drivers are criminal
  • the atomic bomb - prohibit it!
  • shooting police denhaag20 alkmaar19
  • het 'recht' - absurde 17e c vertoning
  • fort Europa - one earth, no borders!

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