o we estab the presence
of an ultra Europe, w/ google
o we are not going to take
a stand despite our former
anti fasc school, upbringing

and the us oriented media 
of the last 50yrs '60-'10

media & online speech has been
almost completely destroyed
by Google EU copyright
GDPR and hate & meme ban


o we estab that Europe has
set itself up for change
in politics & political identity

o bad plans for a person or
for a group are ruled out
o europe forms behaviour as BB
o but as blind former its
development is blind and
as it declared at start, 2014
development, edu will be liberal

o we thus see this as the future
o we loved freeing the idea of
writing about the past
o we will now accept an open
liberal future incl all flavours
of ultra and former fascism, alt R


we will answer future q's, clarify,
and write dialogues of info & grps
o as polarization is always severe

o but EU Google or YT has no fear