Neuroscience Ethics

For 12 years, the brain has been a big passion of mine. In this 'comment' I'd like to voice a few opinions.

In general, considering that many experiments involve the use of animals, I think progress is slow, and integration of insight low. The number of hypotheses being tested is too high, which lowers the value of results. Science is a method, and personal insight is hardly required, while requiring some of it could save lots of animals.

"I think non-invasive brain research is the only acceptable way to do research, both in terms of physical integrity and the research 'paradigm'" - Mervyn van Kuyen

I think ablation, and other over-invasive research should be abanded, because the future will bring better methods anyway. In archeology this is a common strategy. But in neuroscience it's not, because it can breed and use new animals as long as it follows the rules.

On my list of other undesirable things are toys controlled by the brain, brain wave machines and other ways to use or influence the brain by other means than the natural way. I think some product design and advertising also can be added to the list, because companies are using brain research to design ads and maybe even products.

I think there is a lot more to say, so this document could grow later...

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