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Sensing the world
Almost all sensory information (except olfaction) enters the neocortex via the thalamus.
  • The Physical Senses - on the retina 6 millions rods and 120 millions cones sense light, color and brightness sensitive respectively, in the ear 3500 inner hair cells and 12-20,000 outer hair cells sense sound, and also inside the ear hair cells sense the movement of fluid inside a system of curved tubes, providing the information for our sense of balance
  • The Chemical Senses - inside the nose 40 million smell buds sniff out chemicals in the air, while inside the mouth only 10,000 taste buds do the same for foods, and thirdly, a less well-known sense, the trigeminal sense detects hazardous and irritating chemicals on skin or mucous membranes around the eyes, nose and mouth
  • The Somatic Senses - inside and on the body 9 kinds of receptors sense pain, temperature, dynamic touch, static touch, touch pressure, pressure, deep pressure, vibration, stretching of skin, muscle length, muscle tension and joint position - The senses in detail...

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