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@mervynvk on twitter

Mvk or MSF
Is a multi, I am in Holland
And also in Cornwall

Tmp tweet stuff

MvK Sitting Bull fcksYoutb

Phantom dotUniversity audience
V #rainn #girlpower EDU #neuro
L #Javalaan tot #climate speer dean
M #zuidHolland #geheimeZenderHits
(stop alles, Ing. Mervynvk writes AL OS)

Sixteen hot futurist Themes - memes on AUDITORIUM-DECK

2016-2018 meme ban & EU freedom

media & online speech has been
almost completely destroyed
by Google EU copyright
GDPR and hate & meme ban


16 up to date topics & trends ...
& Msgs Updates PU

F1 robotics & mechanics
From Newton & custom bio mech AI
To Boston Dynamics

CRED / PU / IN THE SERVICE --- "2005ad The Year of the Blog ... We were way more advanced & #progressive a hotbed of ideas, memes, projects" PU BACKGROUND

25 yes into the yth big bus eighties pc ... 2005

So, within that year, London Calling :)
did it's bid the newly acq digital radio
yes, they reached me thr brand-new Android

Thirteen, years later, still true
USA adds me to the stim pwr grp Spectre
If there a million items, MSF is in with influ

So London & Intel for pure tech, IT, .int

backup - for Green's most knowledgable
climate amateur, who studies brain
To fight sz ... Into AI since time of c64

PU Begint Zaak Tegen Gemeente Wassenaar om Stuitende Title op Naam Gemeente Wassenaar middels Onderwerp Beveiligen met Hologrammen - updated 1027 na sancties op prep sowinn

PU Begint Zaak Tegen Gemeente Wassenaar om Stuitende Title op Naam Gemeente Wassenaar middels Onderwerp Beveiligen met Hologrammen

UW vestuurde berichten bleken de moeite niet waard, Wassenaar.

Wil de lezer contact? Zie hier:


Update 1

Wij gaan nu vaart zetten in deze Zaak

1024 we see clear media updates on 11 skin burned humans EM from car - prelude ww3

Sorry. Sorry if EMS #uk #ukcars now !! ... Some info: related ACC but the is not connected to its proper risk. Can read: (link: but YOU are the #update on #em . Ask perception & abilities GO! LUV M


Crzz (Dutch Eugen) ... No confirm -> Onkruid zwieper robot arm in afvoerput douche... Doodstraf van Holland - ethic in Google EU??? - GIRLPOWER SAFETY IN MENTAL CARE GGZ NL

Tags #hic #run by gedrag tov gezegd. #onkruid #zwiep by #afvoerputje #faphq locked, now 1024. Thanks will make #living to #halloween 1031, HJ kuy! FOR Locale #Wassenaar
#Leidschendam / Sideticket
#tictoc #rainn #girlpower #ingsoc /
Phantom dotUniversity on
infra #leweb ENDFOR


founder of #icon Australian anti-litter campaign that expanded into global success, has died aged 78 #RIP Ian Kiernan

Parody on BBC permanent headline: OUR Justice is a mess (dutch media) and we, green, similarly find that dutch recherge is only accusation. LOL thank you very much, BBC #TICTOC ... green return :|

SAM CARAVANS - 100s of thousands in a South American country (which?) have #diarrhea - ON BAR-LOWER-DECK

A passage played on #Bloomberg in #newyork seemed to say that 100s of thousands in a South American country (which?) have #diarrhea - So, if true, VERY serious #breakout

#Leiden #Wassenaar
#Leidschendam #Indianapolis


Current, early morning
o jet from scan just thr sndbar abv nl*
o so Holland still supports anti fasc

o excersise nato
o rumour USA west coast nuked

New domain, since ONE of us thought was easier than

o em cut is new bullet
o 1025 remembering
Publicized first 11 cases
o 1025 51x punished in 5hours
for first Halloween prep

That Ubuntu server is
Somewhere Else!!

Web works with root
On Index.php
And an IP x.y.z.m

The IP is amnAU

(gpt) Re3 - No surrender in Leidschendam HIC. After first action by miserable staffers because they learned 1031

Miserable Staffers:
o activation article 40

Ingsoc real no surrender
with orange stamp or cun de ??
o high energy invested
o into creating two new implantee
o for the sum of 2x 8,000 is 16k bio waste
o feedback on damage done
o tallest non coop:
- feels the magneto action
- feels alone, talk, so 'abused'
- primary indicator: discom, giggling

Awaiting new finger Linux this extrapol!

=== Retired

Shariff & 3 engineers at hic

(gpt) Re2 - Description of a MAGIC LIBRARY Zoohdeewai - msf Telling... !!

The description

On tumblr (safe, exc)
url here

Details of ...






I was under threat...

This night as well!
Just adding thr to my freedoms
I do fight as a Wiccan...
I defend. And all hurts. Fin.

(gpt) Re1 Ethics with girls

o we were married to Tori at 24, LAT
o we married EE at 17
o Dakota spirit is now 25

You can marry at 16

B17 with a 17 is slightly
less drama and more love

When she dies...

Lieve bets

There is no under 16...

Child marriage
No& cut is the new shooting
Saudis are killing many & media


Without girls ... In writing LOL

Wider religion & ethics...
Persecuted by NL since 150yrs

(gpt) final - Hawaii part 2 - Geo Shock October 24th, WED

o late afternoon: Hawai 'erased', nuked - shock!
o vaccliexx techs - connected to our philoforum
o vaccliexx techs - direct intel threat to any republican (100 million citizens, in USA)
o vaccliexx techs - late afternoon 7 children dead, inside medical center
o downing mh370 would have third accomplice, say French (official) investigators



(PU: cx, linked: vaccliexx, twt: #? not open)


(gpt) CRZ For where?? & Wahfor (why Swedish language site bringeth?) - CRZ CONFUSED BY MUK

FOR Locale #Wassenaar
#Leidschendam / Sideticket
#tictoc #rainn #girlpower #ingsoc /
Phantom dotUniversity on
infra #leweb ENDFOR

Alan 'checksum$$$$$$$' Hupsaemen


PU on Society


Soc EU
and moving $ ...




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