From Essayist to Blogger and Back again ...

2007 - 2012 I was still an essayist

after 2012 I saw my freedom limited

and I started to research freemedia

in well-known sources 2012 is said

to be the end of the Web hype

and web freedom and journalist safety

is said to have gone awry after 2014+.


1998-2006 lifestream old style, news, diary

2000-2007 java programming


2007-2012 essay topics ... ps blogs 'follow'

essays are written by making up a topic

or writing own thoughts using materials

We will try to revise...

We already revised:

LEAKED - there was a EU model for 'online restraint'- NEWS BACKGROUND - Ggl EU Crime Chronicle

AMERICAN FREEDOM - Google & tech giants selling out girls & women... They could be saving the Apple & create safety from nukes & American prosperity - delta2

PU will try to present Current as Culture ...

The organisers of Davos have a new plan to save the world... World Economic Forum's Global Future Councils - ON THE GEOPOLITICS-BRIEF-DECK

Avila is on such a Council...

She's a member of the Human Rights and Technology Council, as one of the nearly 800 people who have come to Dubai [Davos?] to try and fix our broken world.

Cybersecurity, declining biodiversity, global governance, the future of virtual and augmented reality, the state of the financial system, infrastructure, information and entertainment


World Top Stories - SUN 11/25 - Microsoft: social circles getting riskier - plus... UK has a brexit deal - Which gives the EU-contracted genX the 'German French' EU

Contracted? We hint at the social contract
of the enlightenment citizen, since 1762
with the revolutions of France & USA
following, and European states choosing
a path of anti-revolution, after 1845 and
modern constitutions. Leading to equality
and general prosperity. First the rich could
vote, and since the 1950s everyone is
fairly rich LOL


Digital world

We closed the Forums for New Content

o spam was to too large
o people who used it as intended
saw too many ads around on forum

o people can still edit and delete
o use search to find useful Titles


- Girlpower / Abuse / RAINN
and monitor #metoo press/censor

- Military / NATO

- tumblr ban (apple store) ... PU WORKING

- hate & meme ban in EU ... PU WORKING


check of priorities

check of priorities

back from pg9



o free media
- wp
- tumblr

o quality content, papers
and tech of net, iphone,
android & alternatives
(info, news, com, soc media)

o state of the Web

o what youth 15-25 want

o pres trump & fake news EU, us

we think pres trump is right
there is a witch hunt
and fake news hurts us quite a lot



o refugees
shooting at boat
still a question

Tumblr has been removed from apple store - A Great loss... - ON THE GET-GEAR-DECK
20st of November, 2018

In the free media blog on PU

we said:

Twitter or Facebook??
Phantom University: TUMBLR … Big & Free … That’s where
I’d put my free media, free speech money on… TUMBLR



This is a great loss...
For online communication...

Mng Fnd Phantom now at Endegeest ... directly behind Kasteel? - ON THE BAR-LOWER-DECK

And MSF is bionic, with an implant & psychotropic.
A battle between the bionic and their 'manufacturer'
of the implant, the pharma with the psychotropic,
and third and last the mental formers... Inevitable.
Battle ensues, all will lose, and at the grounds
the bionic will still have only belief, and know
only his Loves that were pushed but not unfound.



Castle Endegeest



The Made-Up 'Old' Continent - Who made up European History? - ON THE AUDUTORIUM-DECK

States of Europe no more
than 100yrs older than Columbus...

We will consider whether this
denial of centuries of European
History will be part of the
Phantom lessons & instructions

Like the guide


Log ... Dutch / English

600-800 volken v Europa gekirstend

made up - the old continent
800-1400 states make up history to
hold off the Ottomans, still in ww1

Memories of my parents 1979 - 1986 (conv '79) && my marriage '06 ... Still their wish




1 h & h - in w1
2 m s f - in w2
3 place 2 z'meer/java 3 hic 4 valk
4 h's ... wolkers ... luxe ... els abv els

5 cw - nukes
6 c16 .. pi - Linux 11/13
7 girls - dak sg - (dak xjan, sg xpaz)
8 "" .. trw met baltprin ... h&h 1979 zie 2.2
9 cw - strat .ee - 11/15 world aware
balt mns more to genx because of cw


10 - 17

worlds & time
belief as in DL


stukje ew in dailybeast

Gifts: Ansicht (tweet), (ggl) Maps, Your (agenda & stationary), & books - Spotted at Charity

Phantom will focus on

Prosperity & Freedom of Nations

More ... Like EDU BOOKS
& WITH CLASSICS ... in Liberal Edu Style



o the self
o the network
(of cells, of areas,
connected by various
means and inputs)

o diffusion of heat,
distribution of activity
o economics & activism
(research, future, influencers)


We start right away...


the network and the self

Advanced Dev & Futurism - 30+ year olds... - ON THE AUDITORIUM-DECK

limits of dev


o virtual laser
o bubbles, onto

o m: papillons, horses

o make
o fut kids

o labour, abuse, accident
o less edu

o beauty ... faces ... Econ growth
o high dens ... city ... futurists
o thr the mirror ... att ... low Val***

next for media

would make media too industr

o need: big data, 2 3 ... in place

Guide to Phantom


o The Lesson Programme
(1 Climate science, 2 Cognitive
Neuroscience & 3: Extra topics)

o Girlpower

o Military Defense, NATO

We watch 7 immortal issues


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