Extreme Affluence


EXTR AFFLU in 7-8yo

voluntary futurist project for Europol
7-8yo kids with big money 2020+ MSF Mervyn & SG

to: kid & parent Netherlands, aug-sep 2017



girl power playlists on Spotify.com

AI quick learning - Cheat sheets by Kirk Borne

Neuroscience - inspiration on Consciousness

Three Problems of Consciousness

by C2-PO

I've been reading up on consciousness yesterday, and I think I just had a nice insight in how consciousness could potentially operate. It's not a big theory, just a few things that always bothered me, and now seem to be solved. So let's jump right in...

Problem #1 - Where does it all come together?

Neuroscience - inspiration on Mental Operations

*causal reasoning* is the only mental operation that has significant substance

the supposed module can be activated to calculate hedonically optimal life *goals*

for the process of *decision-making*, it can calculate prediction, foresight

*abstraction* of elements in the descriptions of a set of perspectives on a situation, can aid *problem solving*, it uses abstraction, loss of detail as a way to describe a variable, to be filled in when a solution is found in the world or mind

History & Inventions

1100-1300 towns, universities, trades

(minds occupied with Christian & Greek thought)


1450 end of feudal system (church, agri)
Hswg heretics persec

1550 beginning of royal charters
old elites keep in control
hSwg slavery

1687 newton can describe
force and movement IN TIME
kickstarting science, tech

1688 british king loses all infl

absolut & final phase for royals

1780-90s britain loses usa, french rev

1800 industrial revolution 1
steam, fabrics
agri figured out, nl -> uk
napoleon's conquests

1860 economy takes a hit,
despite innov stm train, ship
uk rules india

1880 industrial revolution 2
electronic, light, com, appl

1905 einstein & planck
modern phsyics of
relativity & quanta

1914 & 1939 wwi and wwii
ended by atomic bomb
sim of it, start of computers

1920-1940s women's suffrage, hsWg rights
1940-1960s last colonies become indep
1950s last strong power church
1951 end of witchcraft law, Hswg
1954 death of Turing
hswG persec would end 80s in uk
cold war
1968 start of the internet: arpanet
supposed to be h-bomb
war resistant
1955-1975 vietnam war & hSwg civil rights
resistence leads to a big
push for rights, freedom, indiv
1978 information era: apple ii & pet

=== eof

We reviewed duckduckgo on 'fascism', top to bottom


"fascist" "youth" "italy" -"world war" -nazis -youtube -antiques -1930 -1937 -mussolini -nazi


Most relevant ...


Top to bottom (ddg pg 5)



Top - name of movement members,
Rivalry, friendly face & commercial items

Magic resources from Phantom

Girlpower 2019... How you can be very Special (DID) if you want to focus on being 'un-complex'

Eleven kinds of magic
[Under construction]

Magic on Phantom

Egyptian Book of the Dead

How many Wiccans are there, world wide?? Answer: FIVE MILLION

Wiccans represent a small fraction of the military, roughly 1,500 among 1.4 million active personnel,
So maybe 0,1% in USA, so 0,3 million or less


realityhack.org - in case something happens to reality

LIFE - Aspects of Life - A Good Starting Point for ANY Note

o home & garden
o food & drink
o health & fitness
o family & parenting
o petso real estate
o shopping
o sports
o education
o religion & spirituality
o style & fashion
o hobbies & interests
o tech & computing
o science
o travel
o news
o arts & entertainment
o society
- crime / relations / sex / aging / work / services
o law, gov & politics



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