On the state of social media, and practibility of iPhone and Android EU after the 2016-06 agr w tech - ON THE GET-GEAR-DECK - after (gpt) geopolitical tension... Pu back on track

During (gpt)

We wrote a lot of weird stuff



But we're back

On the state of social media, and practibility of iPhone and Android EU after the 2016-06 agr w tech -

Media 2018
o via...
Fb, twt, ggl, youtube, bots, users

Phantom vs. Google & cp -- Phantom found there was 'Google login' for a cp site, which we helped taking offline by agressive reporting. -- We still want Arrests -- Ggl EU Crime Chronicle -- updated SUCCESS 10-26

o in April we made a daring case
against a site with 60,000 cp videos
(Depfile). Depfile had Google login
o we thus threw in our military engineer
weight and questioned how ahold/bol
could sell Google devices as Dutch
communication infra ... With this cp
(#childporn) association as reported
o the site was taken offline, but police
action was quite a failure and materials
have been taken, but no report discussed


We want Arrests at Google.

Politics -- IS EUROPE ULTRA RIGHT?? OUR ANSWER --- For America & GB -- Ggl EU Crime Chronicle

1 Summary
Various insights, from just a FEW
media news items, into Question
whether EU is 'ultra'.

2 Start of article...

2.1 UKR &... NL in EU

2014 start of war in UKR ... while
at a later moment there came elections
and the UKR said: we're ** fascists ** ... (!)

2.2 dutch politicians, vvd, said No you're not

a vote in NL came, for an alliance woth UKR
Holland NL said no, so most 'are Russian
like conservatives'... lots are fascists

2.3 conclusion

LEAKED - there was a EU model for 'online restraint'- NEWS BACKGROUND - Ggl EU Crime Chronicle


[Seem to have lost the screenshot
and it's not on search, title is correct

&& KOGA MIYATA CYCLES ... we like affiliates!!
// Best reasonably cheap laptops // at Forbes

BIG NEWS 09/12 --- Ultra Alliance Ital-Hongar calls for NATO article 7 activation -- they want ww3 - Ggl EU Crime Chronicle

BIG NEWS 09/12 --- Ultra Alliance Ital-Hongar calls for NATO article 7 activation -- Read ww3 ... hHORROR

Update 1 - partly EN partly NE


KEEP expressing & communicating - IT / bio


seems to me concerning beam / victims

2017 1 the army 2 religious
2018 3 lonely men, fighting age

all organized by dutch & economy


NATO after the Cold War: From Obliteration towards the Sustainability and Dematerialization - ingsoc creative

Find NATO on Phantom

Or stare at ships in Atlantic https://www.pinterest.com/amp/curtisfrantz35/naval/


After ww2, in which Japan was forced to capitulate after use of the Bomb, there was a tension in defense between the global forces of West and East. The West united under NATO, and the East united with Communism.

Noise-is-Work-inspired War Citizen Resilience (NiW-W-Cit-R) - please consider (in war) - "Add 1% to NATO!!" LOL


1.1 low n-dimension of problem
1.2 low n-dimension of abstract info value of info theory (invent!)
1.3 my advice is to just consider that and create a fake
mind with this table http://phantom.university/opensource/psudoAI_form.png


Free Media Blog (covers late 2017, first half 2018) - no updates

No updates ...

we now have to try to watch
the impact of the meme ban,
article 11 and 13 of EU copyright.

=== This info is not so up to date ... But! Lots links & see trend? Yes SAD

Twitter or Facebook
Phantom University: TUMBLR … Big & Free … That’s where
I’d put my free media, free speech money on… TUMBLR

Approach any note, any problem with this simple 'one-screener' scaffolding: happyLIFE30 (ALCHEMY.AI's bookstore customer interest PDF 'Taxonomy Classifier IAB++', now owned by wikimedia)

o real estate [& life, social, pets, food, health] ln1
o shopping
o sports
o education
o religion & spirituality
o style & fashion
o hobbies & interests
o tech & computing
o science
o travel
o news
o arts & entertainment
o society
– crime / relations / sex / aging / work / services
o law, gov & politics

How is xx 'on the edge' (lolis) playing out in terms of big TECH SITES and... small sites on the free and regulated-late WEB

models, xx, porn (of all ages)

QUESTION: how is xx 'on the edge' (lolis)
playing out in terms of big TECH SITES and
small sites on the free and regulated-late WEB

(currently, 2017 2018ad)



now that

google search, 2014 2015, using ai, dl
and... tumblr as of december 2018 &
... facebook, community standards esp. 2016

are out (have done away with most nudity)

so we actually agree with tumblr, btw LOL


we classify xx and loli girl 'models'
into three categories now...

Nato accuses Russia of breaking nuclear missile treaty


#nukes #nuclear #coldwar #INF
#superpowers #worldpeace #MAD

But I thought it was US Pres. Trump who teared up INF??

(gpt) labels

There is (gpt) labeled
Titles on page 5 til 8


This means there was
Geopolitical tension

o bomber shot down
o Hawaii severely affected by storm
o and tension over sensitive tech
in the light of Pres. Trump annulling
the INF agreement of 1987 on nukes

This played last September
and October

This is the first post
that is not too troubled by the (gpt)

Maintenance - Titles I want to give attention to ... - CONCL: Oct 25th measure was provocation ... Confirms eu model & death - MESSY SHORTHAND MSF


Last Wednessday we MVK / MSF had dinner twice ... First with six young girls (pizza with 6 teens)


Free Good Writing - Blows to the Bots


Cold War Crisis
UK & France hunt for Russian bomber - 12hrs ago - NEWS BACKGROUND


USA promises War Rooms to Vatican

Bijbel passages - eerste van ons, MSF // & DROOM droomlichaam subst 6-12 vs 16-28 ... De kracht GERDEN & HERSTEL 2004-2013

Bible passages - my first 3 - SUN 12/2 2018

na 11/25 tm 11/31 art40
en 11-20+ nada & overpl overpl
toch goede aanloop naar kerst '18


Philippians 4 8

Webster's Bible Translation

Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are honest, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report; if there is any virtue, and if there is any praise, think on these things



just ... v keppel

pure ... puritan w/ dakota


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