Contact 1 - Lijpje M. vanKuyen aka MvK / MSF (fndr/owner PU) - xp in tech & science

XP in nsci


Reading summaries & articles on pubmed
1995-2013 reading ~100 books on nsci


XP in AI

1985-2010 & 1 AGENT WORLD SIM 2013


coding Alife, cellular automata, Eliza with grammar use

published twice - gronics Groningen 1997 & journal of transfigural mathematics 98
on my own state of the art learning recurrent multilayer Ann that
learned to predict fixed changing world (sequences) / could predict without input / ghost!
and researched a way to reinstate same pattern in slightly changed Ann / limited success


later did some coding on 3d drawing and agent world Sims / no projects after 2010

thanks, that's LMF in ai

o PS programs (codes) visual basic, forth, and java


Current 2020, 2021 .. 2027 ?+

Phantom online uni & twitter posting
(a legal entity)



We write about the Body &
As introduced!

Here, point by point

o we are a Dutch engineer
we have sd-isplit, spirit alters
o we have Philips, medical
and university engineer xp '95

o being partly medical we
don't like taboo ... At least
for ourselves ... In order
to work freely, relaxed & open

o we have seen Usenet, gopher,
vt 100, Unix, first porn on web
XP with all that since '94, less
than first 1% with Net XP

o all went well, the dotcom bubble
came and went, blogs '05, socmed '10

o the promise of worldwide communication
was promising and has come true
all tech and ppl bubbles in their own way

o but ... Unfortunately (??) Holland
is a big factor in presence of
porn, child porn and more recently
revenge porn, blackmail or publish
by guys with vids or pics of friends,
ex-es, and also girls against lads :(
very traumatic & tech solution
is hell ... task tech or court
(Tech if you ask us)

o in this area we have been active
since 2018, so after 20yrs watching
The Net evolve

o first, we helped kill a big nudity
and childporn archive,
in April 2018, called #europol
tens of times and it was taken down
by Dutch & Thai police action soon

o last month (nov20) we tried to
suggest solutions and supported
the discussion of revengeporn
all on twitter... Our best tech thought
Topped the europol feed for an hour
that was our V, and also Top 'hope'
back with the girls & women on
the big #revengeporn feed on twt

o from the Web we know nudity
and seen some worse images
and behavior by men against
very tiny children ... this has
never been our focus

o we do want to add that in
Holland nudity & solo sex
is not objected and in
public sphere just mentioned
often, and called normal & healthy

So we believe nudity of girlies
with venus areas, butts,
bodies, they're just coolest and ...

To SAY it offends IS offensive !!!!


Lijpje M. vK