Phantom Reports 2020 - The Web Sucks: no beauty, no depth, no fun

we picked these topics
because they COULD be
made into beautiful
interactive websites

but... that's not so

the web sucks


o birds of prey
cijfer: 6


o sea animals
cijfer: 4
cijfer: 7

cijfer: 3

lots of these top10s


o snakes
cijfer: 4 very dull, commercial
cijfer: 3 entire snake section small


o horses

no cool sites just for interest
is a paper mag


o dinosaurs

complete list

our hope
cijfer: 3
cijfer: 5 a bit exciting
cijfer: 4 articles list


o maps

/the/ domain
a few maps per us state
cijfer: 2

all shops


o Jules Verne

no sites specialized on 1st 2 duck pages


o Dickens
cijfer: 6
nothing, an old homepage
cijfer: 6


o robots
cijfer: 6
Cool, handy, but no fun interactive site


concl: no topic has been used
to create a great fun interactive site


o ???

via top sites
looks cool, does little

=== eof

Ps these are our fave websites

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Internet Sacred Text Archive Home,
Mind & Brain News -- ScienceDaily,
World News and Editorial Articles | Common Dreams,