Ecocide by the economic system - that's why the activists call themselves Extinction (rebels)

o new world - 1492 +
usa, s-am, Australia, nz
decimated original pop
from over 120m to 25m (pg 130 Ecocide)
destruction of flora
by horses cows goats
hunting and extermination
of megafauna, of eg bisons


1 o population growth
in combination with
the unfair neo-liberal
capitalist system of rich
unfair, wasteful, overconsum

2 o transnational companies
many are bigger than gdp countries
impunity, power & influence policy
get too much done from poor govt
and can ravage & effectively kill

3 o poverty
export to service debts
flow of goods fr sth to nrth
leads to deforestation

4 o weapons
dev testing readiness disposal
relatively manageable, but only
in theory, because of secrecy
and thus impunity


Summary of second half of book Ecocide

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