Dissociation is Heaven of Souls' Solution to Abuse

Overview - a plan for Months, beware!!

Step Touch423
o relating to your parents, friends, best friends,
crushed, wants for love STOPS... Turn towards
your self, your inner child or inner love(s)
o create peace in winter nights and find a way
to find your connected spirit, and share fingers,
touch, and feel love and connection
within the whole of your body ... Very intimate

"A Way to Live" - Heather Nova




Fingertips in Madonna song "Rain"





Step M Yak
o the wiccan way to view men
Look at some strong wiccan opinion:



Step Female Intelligentsiana Sofa Coloured
o the wiccan way to view yourself
a wicked, developed, strong & eccentric
woman ... Think: Paris 1920 flappers or UK in 70s


Good luck, it''s real!

Try a year, try 6 months
If DID is there & good
it''s love-Superio

Roger? Commence!

And welcome to Phantom