The Neuroscience of Language & Gamma waves that connect distant brain parts

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Top-down and Bottom-Up Mechanisms as Reflected by Beta and Gamma Oscillations in Speech Perception: An Individual-Difference Approach

A Predictive Coding Framework for Rapid Neural Dynamics During Sentence-Level Language Comprehension

Gamma Oscillatory Activity Related to Language Prediction

Language-related Gamma EEG Frontal Reduction Is Associated With Positive Symptoms in Schizophrenia Patients

Fluency Tasks Generate Beta-Gamma Activity in Language-Related Cortical Areas of Patients During stereo-EEG Monitoring

Human Verbal Memory Encoding Is Hierarchically Distributed in a Continuous Processing Stream

Gamma Phase-Synchrony in Autobiographical Memory: Evidence From Magnetoencephalography and Severely Deficient Autobiographical Memory

Oscillatory EEG Dynamics Underlying Automatic Chunking During Sentence Processing

Induced Gamma Oscillations Index Individual Differences in Speech Sound Perception and Production



Evoked and Oscillatory EEG Activity Differentiates Language Discrimination in Young Monolingual and Bilingual Infants

Language Prediction Is Reflected by Coupling Between Frontal Gamma and Posterior Alpha Oscillations

Phase-amplitude Coupling Between Theta and Gamma Oscillations Adapts to Speech Rate

Neural Oscillations and a Nascent Corticohippocampal Theory of Reference

On a Possible Relationship Between Linguistic Expertise and EEG Gamma Band Phase Synchrony

Network Dynamics of Broca's Area During Word Selection

Early Cognitive and Language Skills Are Linked to Resting Frontal Gamma Power Across the First 3 Years

Resting Gamma Power Is Linked to Reading Ability in Adolescents

speed & rhythm

The Rhythm of the Executive Gate of Speech: Subthalamic Low-Frequency Oscillations Increase During Verbal Generation


Ways of Making-Sense: Local Gamma Synchronization Reveals Differences Between Semantic Processing Induced by Music and Language

Effects of Musical Expertise on Oscillatory Brain Activity in Response to Emotional Sounds

gestures & sign

The Role of Gamma Oscillations During Integration of Metaphoric Gestures and Abstract Speech

Decoding Hand Gestures From Primary Somatosensory Cortex Using High-Density ECoG

Electrocorticographic Gamma Activity During Word Production in Spoken and Sign Language