Consciousness is NOT so hard to explain

Waves, perceptual space & why You are aware of all stuff


Waves: slow to fast

Delta waves - sleep

Theta - attention & coupled to gamma for retrieving memory sequences (see Lisman)

Alpha waves - prepares gating in the brain for receiving input, without context info is worthless (see Brickwedde)

Beta waves - top down prediction towards senses (anterior to posterior) (see Jinghua)

Gamma - feedback from prediction, confirm is strong gamma, error is higher gamma (see Language & gamma on phantom)






Language & gamma



Perceptual space

The frequencies of the waves above, when they occur in a real brain, are not stable.

They run in different directions, some getting slower, others faster, varying in seconds.

The weird thing is, the reference frames the brain creates are not stable at varying brain
wave frequencies. So the space you are aware of, is created in different ways every
few seconds.

A maddening thought. But also our entry point for the Phantom theory of awareness. ...


The Phantom theory of awareness

Awareness is not all that info in it in one point.
It must be parallel, distributed.

So the question is, why do You, as one, get to see it??
Phantom says the answer is related to the beta waves, as described above.

Prediction from top down, is understanding input ahead of time.
So phantom says: understanding makes seeing, and ....
the You in understanding and agency stretches into those parallel
bits of prediction that is in top down beta waves.

So how can the You be stretched and broken into parallel pieces ....
and still be You.

We think it's like an arm. The elbow rotates, yet the arm 'moves'.
We think there is, like that arm, simple agency, in those parallel streams.
And gamma, the errors from real input, closes the circle.
The agent has feedback, and when the top structure reacts, the
arm moves, and the You at the perception can see itself being
affected. Thus it feels in all those parallel details of perception
like an agent.

As we said in the part about perceptual space, its generator
keeps changing, thus there is also choice and difference
in perception that way as well. For example, observing
or finding lines and in other state faces.


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