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EXTR AFFLU in 7-8yo

voluntary futurist project for Europol
7-8yo kids with big money 2020+ MSF Mervyn & SG

to: kid & parent Netherlands, aug-sep 2017




o intro
o transition 7-8
o reflect on observed by others
o relig dev

What is it like to be rich? Well, forget that question. This is about your life. What is a successful life? What are realistic standards or measures of success? How will you and your brain accomplish stuff?

We hope these questions matter to you. Let's answer them in a page or 10.


We were inspired to write this text for rich kids, because we are hacker brain scientists. We hacked some simulations about information, novelty and memory in the brain (the hippocampus) in the 1990s and 2000s.

Thus, we are approaching this life project like a hacker. We shouldn't do that! The point of life is not to hack it. Not everything!

In the serious world of media and business, tech and nonelectronic stuff (like food) there exist simple, realistic standards of what is cool (a lot) and what is REALLY great.

We call these: the measures of success.

But it's not simply goals. We explain by which actions you brain operates. Internally. Internally in the brain. That will save us a lot of time. And hopefully your plans will be better compatible with the brains you have. So? That means we use verbs that fit cognitive neuroscience.

So first, after the overview, we show a few measures of success. Not that many. Then we present a great linking table that connects industries to brain verbs. And we try to also mention things that need to be here, but that science doesn't really include in its labs. That means:

o meaning
o religion
o the study of meaning and religion

Finally: why are you reading this, specifically 'for age 7-8'?

That is because the brain gets a lot more complex when you turn 8, or roughly that age. Scientists know a lot about the brain for the stretch of life from 0 to 7. But 8. Then the scientists kind of lose track. Language gets complex. Thought gets complex.

So from our perspective. We are not so sure. What are you up to? We just HOPE to help :)

The Netherlands, September 2017

Mervyn and SG



o role models
peers, parents, teachers
o measures of success
o job / fun / bad / conduct / crime

o and finally
o the afflu aspect
o and DO DO a world aware ideas check
<> maybe also relig



o role models
peers, parents, teachers,
media, religion, ...

Normal kids want to be famous. That is an easy way to have enough money. This is not your problem. You want to be great. In some way. Probably you're not sure what exactly, Or you ARE developing a skill, but you think you'll be the FIRST guy or girl to be famous for exactly your brand of outlandishly accomplished tuna fishing, bike stunting or chess.

We are not the ones that will beat you at your hobby skill. But check again. The models that are there for most kids have different skills. Better skills but not that outlandish.

The kids (teens, twenty-somethings) are good at particular, existing sports, arts, entertainment or business. Some do mind sports. But those are a bit more limited in appeal.

So. Role models. Who needs them. Well, if you are looking at the GREAT ones, you'll see the actual people, the folks that have the role model function are bound to a small set of skills.

So there are role models. Friends. Peers. Teachers. Teachers are role models. That's obvious. They want you to know everything, walk up to the blackboard and take over. For them it's a way to get an easy life :).

No? Okay. But in the media, there's role models for everyone. Sports, arts, entertainment, business. Business, so tech people, CEOs, entrepreneurs. Or at least those entrepreneurs that are still in business. Succesful entrepreneurs.

So, as we announced, we also mention religion and the study of religion here. We will not address our or your religion here. But religion takes an important place in many aspects and times in life.

In terms of future and a fear a parent can have, when a kid takes on a new religion: this does not only complicate the relation the parent and kid have. But a new religion can be black hole that brings a person new friends, lost old friends and as one is enjoying life inside the black hole and beyond normal contact...

Risks like getting lost when relations fail, or even a future life of crime and loneliness or abuse, because ties from the past fail. So: it can bring a life of love with a cool person. It can be a new island. Or a big island. But an island, so it's a leap.

Assuming all choice will be yours, let's forget black holes and doom.

I fell into a black hole.
My parents warned me, but i thought
that was an unloving role.
Then i wrestled like a crocodile.
And the mat in front of my folks' home
stretched for a freaky mile.

Next are the things you can accomplish, AND feel great about :).



Since we have spent life hacking and dreaming of fame for our few lines of code, we will be humble. We will set you great goals, but all with the humble notion that we met none.

o shelve
o art, writing, digital, products,
inventions, ideas, stories, sports

o company
o 500M would be kind of feasable

o a truly great or ultimate company
o ceo of top company
10.000 - 200.000

o triple bottom line
o save a megatonne co2
o x prize

So these are realistic things that are measured to realistic and realistic but ultimate real world sizes. So at ultimate, think about Forbes 500 companies. Really limited room at the top there.

The shelve is literally what you end up with in most cases and in the sense that your book or product will be ON YOUR SHELVE years later. While the book or product could be on other people's shelve as well. But you can't see them!

For the company, 500M or 500 million dollars is calculated by looking at the stock market companies. Those are multibillion, so 500 million is half a billion, but still 500 / 3 or 150 engineers or maybe a larger company but with less skilled people. A great car company employs tens of thousands of engineers. A big infrastructure project requires thousands of engineers.

An 'ultimate' company or enterprise is even beyond those numbers. At the time of writing Apple is the largest company in market value. The Apple iPhone is THE phone and networked or cloud data computer everyone wants. Whether there is a next big thing, no one knows.

The iPhone combines lots of proven tech and it exists as a device in an environment of phone and computer networks and lots of manufacturers brand devices and peripherals that create the iPhone ecology.

So, again, going beyond that is not easy at all.

But the triple bottom line people think that big business is not the only goal business should work for. Business should work for people. People should earn fine and FEEL fine. So that means better ways to work, better agreements, better equality. And there's the planet. There's only one planet, so if one company takes out all gold or silver or steel that would mean end of business for others. So, also for the great number of businesses that operate in reality, it's good for all to set up loops: to recycle. And finally: price. Markets drive down prices. But not not by magic. Efficiencies and features of products have to be designed and implemented. Then there's a lower price or a better product for the same price!

So a lot to do. Professionally. So, let's see what actions the brain uses and what industry or profession depends on which brain action...


goals, execution & the brain

The Brain Actions:




GOALS <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< VOCATIONAL




Short commentaries on the Brain Actions:

reward, attention, context
... reward is what rewards /the brain/ for actions that help the body
... attention is the systems that help processing info that matters
... context is the other thing, an essential focus can be similar
while the context of the action is different: like cycling in mud

goals, decision making, causal/causative model, rules
... goals 'are very important for survival', resources are limited
... decision making is part of goal setting: you have react to
the unexpected and to things that might be hard to do in a way
... doing so, you might use a model for how things work, like
what happens to a ball, when you WOULD throw it
... we believe that rules are even deeper, the models are from them

reasoning, problem solving, meaning
... reasoning is a way to select answers or elements
... problem solving is free-er, there is a problem: invent a solution
... meaning is weird: of course things have meaning, but how does
awareness, which is weird have that quality of meaning \in it?


The brain of course is not the only reality that exists, although one could say that awareness (probably in the brain) is where any insight into the world all starts. Besides the brain, there is body, animals, plants, the world and the things in rest of the universe. Uhm, the point is: where we used brain actiojns or verbs to streamline 'acting in the world', the world can also be described by theories, observations, narratives, ideas, etc. These stand apart from a thinking brain, they can be inside a computer or in a book, a library. They can more or less valid. That goes for all models or simulations.

These are a few deep theories:

-> They are below visual, physical reality,
and of neuronal networks in brains (reality as well)

- classic phys, game phys
- EM (electromagnetic)
- QED (quantum electro dynamic)
- flows, interactions (berkeley 2016)
- chains (this also a very deep description level)
- intelligence (mvk few years ahead) - intel as a phys
reality eg. china soft landing (china bird) *

... op aantal manieren (STEM!) erbij te presenteren

genius level ?? <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


v0.8 the item 'intelligence' above, refers to the fact that an idea can be represented as a mechanism or a mechanism inside physics, or how things like movement, bouncing and gravity work (described with numbers or math, like in a game).

this idea confirms combi:

o the wheel is not (but the wheel is done by
brain of gymnast) so not really
o the physics in new videos -> confirm
o the phys AS ai

-> combined...

a gui with slides for physics in all directions, like engine for lighting slides

which means something like

eg 1

1 a rodeo
2 a slapstick scene in which someone hits a bipart door (western)
and knocks someone on the shoulder -> ??? no question, what next
that is classic mind

we found that the essence of this is: SHARP

the sensitive, small, light touch of hitting the doors from
a SHARP angle, not what happens
after knocking someone inside eg on the shoulder
[img in note]

text - sharp <<< this is really quite a cool idea,
but texts needs a lot of work
VERY good if you already understood what the slides ||| do
they direct physics, like lighting can be controlled in a game




abstractions from measures of success:

digital -> goals (top level)
production tech -> problem solving
triple bottom line ppp -> \ defend sources, nature,
production food, efficiency
soc env cheap -> /


Defend... came from this table of actions

art / make
integrity, integral - self defense / sources defense



This part is a big bite of a study... items are linked up or form a table

The take-home mmessage is: these are actions that are fundamental to the brain. It's the verbs that are used to describe the functions that have been found in the brain.

A few of these are, according to us, linked to important skills in the items of the measures of success.

It is important to know that this part is NOT a how-to for the things you want to accomplish. The actions of the brain are there for sure, but you'll still have to develop those skills. By means of all sorts of tasks.

So don't get worry. This is not a second school task. All we present here is HOW the brain things are CALLED. It's a neuroscience listing.



o job / fun / bad conduct / crime


So in the life guide you saw what role models are. What real goals for an adult can be (the measures of success) and what functions in the brain are used for differents kinds of skills.

You'll probably do a job. And you'll don fine or great. We're not going to give you a test. It's about brain, years of work... that would be a very weird test.


We wrote this partly because people worry about kids with a lot of money. Affluenza is a term that means: rich and doing bad stuff.

So, we did write it to address that fear and actually also because it is a dumb word. Of course you'll be having fun, be smart (sharp? haha) and you do might do some bad things, bad conduct. But let's stop here. There is no science of doing bad stuff with lots of money.

You are a rich kid. We are dutch scientists. Thank you for reading our advisory in bad english.

We have our reward! We will set a goal for it now...

We go spending!



Mervyn & SG


=== eof