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The Limits of Clean Energy
If the world isn’t careful, renewable energy could become as destructive as fossil fuels.

Climate crisis: Is it time to ditch economic growth?

You Can’t Save the Climate With a Dying Economy


People must use less transport, eat less red meat and buy fewer clothes if the UK is to virtually halt greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, the government's chief environment scientist has warned.

urgent changes needed include ending population growth, leaving fossil fuels in the ground, halting forest destruction and slashing meat eating.

Global emissions need to be halved by next decade and net-zero by mid century, says energy economist Nebojsa Nakicenovic

“Nearly two-thirds of the pledges under the Paris climate agreement are ‘totally insufficient’ to meet critical climate targets.” And almost no nation in the world is on track to meet those targets.
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India, the U.S. and China saw some of the biggest rises in greenhouse gas emissions in 2018, a new report says. The EU’s output fell by 2.5%
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Latest (September 2020)




EU climate change targets: Low carbon emissions plan hopes to speed up shift towards electric cars

Latest (August 2020)

Half of Antarctic ice shelves could collapse in a flash, thanks to warming

How Much Will Earth Really Warm By?

Rising temps could kill millions a year by century’s end


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October 2020

Unprecedented energy use since 1950 has transformed humanity's geologic footprint -- ScienceDaily,

Ice melt projections may underestimate Antarctic contribution to sea level rise -- ScienceDaily,

Expect more mega-droughts -- ScienceDaily,

The future is now: Long-term research shows ocean acidification ramping up on the Reef -- ScienceDaily,

Photovoltaics industry can help meet Paris agreement targets -- ScienceDaily

September 2020

Ocean carbon uptake widely underestimated

Humans, not climate, have driven rapidly rising mammal extinction rate

Siberia's permafrost erosion has been worsening for years

How much will polar ice sheets add to sea level rise?

Curbing land clearing for food production is vital to reverse biodiversity declines

August 2020

Sea level rise from ice sheets track worst-case climate change scenario

July 2020

Agriculture - a climate villain? Maybe not!

Tree planting does not always boost ecosystem carbon stocks, study finds

Heat stress: The climate is putting European forests under sustained pressure

Discovery of first active seep in Antarctica provides new understanding of methane cycle

June 2020

Carbon emission from permafrost soils underestimated by 14%

New species extinction target proposed for global nature rescue plan

Half of the world's population exposed to increasing air pollution

Global warming will cause ecosystems to produce more methane than first predicted

Major new paleoclimatology study shows global warming has upended 6,500 years of cooling

May 2020

Warming Midwest conditions may result in corn, soybean production moving north

Planting trees is no panacea for climate change

Sea level could rise by more than 1 meter by 2100 if emission targets are not met

El Niño-linked decreases in soil moisture could trigger massive tropical-plant die offs

Climate change will turn coastal Antarctica green, say scientists

World can likely capture and store enough carbon dioxide to meet climate targets

April 2020

Some of the latest climate models provide unrealistically high projections of future warming

Glacier detachments: A new hazard in a warming world?

Unusually clear skies drove record loss of Greenland ice in 2019

Offshore oil and gas platforms release more methane than previously estimated

Long-living tropical trees play outsized role in carbon storage

New study helps improve accuracy of future climate change predictions

Upper ocean water masses shrinking in changing climate: Less efficient CO2 sink