Climate science news - Dec '21ad


Climate modeling confirms historical records showing rise in hurricane activity

Climate adaptation of households compared internationally

Growing carbon footprint for plastics

Too dry, too hot, or too wet: Increasing weather persistence in European summer

Plants struggle to keep pace with climate change in human-dominated landscapes

Reduced ocean circulation during the ice age caused anoxic conditions and increased carbon storage in the deep sea

New computer model simulations identify widespread changes in climate variability under sustained anthropogenic forcing

China’s crops at risk: Climate change boosts spread of crop pests and diseases

Climate-only models likely underestimate species extinction

Farmed seafood supply at risk if we don’t act on climate change

Scientists urge creating strategic forest reserves to mitigate climate change, protect biodiversity

Biodiversity loss in plants worldwide

Towards carbon neutrality: New synthesis method yields superior membrane for carbon capture and storage

Study of Antarctic ice’s deep past shows it could be more vulnerable to warming

The heat is on: RIPE researchers show ability to future-proof crops for changing climate

Concurrent heatwaves seven times more frequent than in 1980s

Fire and ice: The puzzling link between western wildfires and Arctic sea ice

Himalayan glaciers melting at 'exceptional rate'

Air bubbles in Antarctic ice point to cause of oxygen decline

Melting of the Antarctic ice sheet could cause multi-meter rise in sea levels by the end of the millennium

Controlled burning of natural environments could help offset our carbon emissions