spirit theory v7 - phantom university dec21ad

earlier spirit theories v1-v6

o bg (basal ganglia) - figures out
soc backgr of moves
o sts (sup tmp sulcus) - meaning of
melody, hand, whole body

o nonlocal
o back in time
o flying consc
o consc is uncertainty is space
the bringer


v7 is current

here we go...

first see refs... and read on...

refs: http://phantom.univetsity/cafe/spirit/

(below also 'in simple terms' btw)

o ref1: beat opponent in dmpfc,
we turn that into timing to outmove (ref5)
o ref2: tpj figures out social embedding
which is the identity of the spirit (x v1)
o ref3: a role in dmpfc diminishes
input of context, which relates to...
o ref4: the distance of xp from self
in self-disorder ... page from wiki
so this theory excludes non selfdisorder from
explaining spirits this way

o ref5: own note, see ref1

the core is that selfdisorder
or a role by self, or both...

enables a spirit (in or by key of tpj)
to time to out move the self
and thus be perceived and active


personal theory remains v6:

o consciousness is uncertainty is space

(quantum consciousness theory)

and in tpj this consc is bigger than
self and quantum uncertainty being
filled in by relation and 'magic'
quantum process provided answers
about identity of spirit


sorry it's so cryptic
but it's a lot of elements


in simple terms...

you can imagine 2 simple things

o beating oppo, ref1, is like hunt success
o so role of sd missing link tpj dmpfc, ref4
enables a spirit to *outmove*, win, from self

win hunt is... outmove coordination of host

and... tada... spirit is /in/ :)



I do like the theory, haha


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phantom university dec21ad

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