Seven Crises & a Short History 800AD til Now


Seven Crises since 2012AD

2012 end of witch freedom: '54 til '12 PRSNL
2013 14 wars Syria, Iraq, Ukraine - Russia in
2016 19 21 steps by EU against freespeech
and for truth, both fundamental free society

2019 covid-19 crisis - perp C - ww4 within 7
2021 Jan occup CapHill - media US Lr bal

2018-2030 12yrs to act climate, 6th extinction
Products, vehicles:
Economic & Industrial sectors:
ref - sector check: the Phantom megamachine
News update:
Economics of a car criminal state (nl)
EXTINCTION (SD June 2015) says - ... Focusing on vertebrates, the group for which the most reliable modern and fossil data exist, the researchers asked whether even the lowest estimates of the difference between background and contemporary extinction rates still justify the conclusion that people are precipitating "a global spasm of biodiversity loss." The answer: a definitive yes. " We emphasize that our calculations very likely UNDERestimate the severity of the extinction crisis, because our aim was to place a realistic LOWER bound on humanity's IMPACT ...

Judgment Agenda



a Short History 800AD til Now



1277 angel to christocentric - In 1277 √Čtienne Tempier, the same bishop of Paris who had issued the condemnation of 1270, issued another more extensive condemnation. - (src Irribarren)

middle ages (800 Scholasticism til Dee)
1583+ after Dee, end middle ages - (src Phantom)

enlightenment: descartes & newton - (src Britannica)
1661+ - Led by René Descartes, philosophers had begun to formulate a new conception of nature as an intricate, impersonal, and inert machine. Yet as far as the universities of Europe, including Cambridge, were concerned, all this might well have never happened. They continued to be the strongholds of outmoded Aristotelianism, which rested on a geocentric view of the universe and dealt with nature in qualitative rather than quantitative terms. -> Newton to Cambridge 1661


1773 usa - boston tea party
1792 france - french revolution
1845 europe - age of revolutions -
dutch constitution - anti revolutionary
1905 einstein physics - 1917 russian revolution
1945 atomic age - cold war- end 1989
1992 final exercise: Gogean, 'pinnacle era'



Relative ease & peace


9/11 terror attacks in US

Leading to focus on:
o anti terror
o security, private security, blackwater
o war in Afghanistan & Iraq
o very deadly for Baghdad: 2005
o solved by 'the surge' of troop numbers
o then, 2008, president Obama in office
and... USA not old post ww2 and
cold war USA anymore for Phantom
in Holland, NATO allies and Europe
CQ. Trump was always right, seriously.


o after Obama came Trump presidency...
ending with occupation of Capitol Hill
and leftist media destroying
free political organisation of Conservatives.
(like a sort of recent episode of
reversed McCarthyism)
Conclusion: US democracy in jeopardy!
how it all will end? unknown.
On WordPress in trends writers fear about
dangers to US freedom. Maybe these
bloggers feel the same as Phantom's
Lijpje M. vK - Wassenaar town, ZH

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