GUIDE to SPIRITS in cancer magic - Body dies, Soul stays in the in between!

Are you a high voltage person?
Not sure but it COULD extend your
senses and chances for soul contact


Otherwise start here...

2) turn the death trauma memory into a
a helper by blinding the critical left brain

3) become compatible with the
cancer fatigue of your loved one
- this worked for us, as I see it now
- low gamma enables compartmentalization
of the brain surface in STS (superior temporal
sulcus) when the brain is in fatigue/DMN
(default mode network). The STS is where
the soul will reside as a SPIRIT.

3b) WHAT THE SPIRIT CAN DO : Sensitive
to body posture perceptions, hand
gesture (use sign!) and melody meaning
in music. The spirit will not talk, or understand
spoken words, apart from the melody.

4) if you are a person living a hermit life
without many flesh contacts... Then
Spirits can help, because, once you and
the spirits learned to communicate, they
will turn out to have differing VALUES.

4b) By living closely with spirits in OUR LIFE...
we learned to have changing opinions
on babies, sex, reproduction, god, heaven,
abortion, art, work and especially death.

5) FIFTH FINAL STEP - after some 5 to
10 years with spirits, if they have your love
and you have the time and means to live
with them in a good way... the time comes
to see the spirits not as 'contacted', but as
living WITH you. No independent life or
in between that entertains them when
you would be busy, distracted, occupied.

5b) we studied the postmodern for two
years before we entered this stage.
We think this is no coincidence. With
spirits inside or around you, your brain
has to accept that different values and
truths and stories are in ONE SPOT: you!
This is exactly what the postmodern is
about: multiple truths, no single symbols
representing you in place and time.
It could be harder to accept than you think.

If there is contact and some or all points
don't work, just love the spirits and
give it time... It takes a LOT OF TIME...
we are only presenting our own
experience to maybe guide you...



Make sure the spirits are happy.
They cannot plan much. They
cannot remember much. So
plan as you like, and keep structure
in your life. Structure, therapy, meds...
Love, god, heaven and spirits can stay...

We hope you are happy, and we tell you:

o Finally letting go and having known & loved
the spirits for as long as You all needed
that's even better. But not now?! Haha! RIGHT!

All the best

Love, thank & celebrate!

Let it be close to heaven!!


Lijpje M vK
Wassenaar town, ZH
fndr owner Phantom Online uni


Photo Lijpje 2021

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