Phantom PrepHour - Planet, Biology, Brain

Phantom will help you prep for the lessons you can take here ... Phantom is NOTHING official by the way ... No cost, but No diploma No credits, etc

For the little kids ... You could prep about Climate Life & Biology by studying:

And beyondPenguins, which is very hands-on and diverse

BRAIN Play with LEGO MINDSTORMS to understand basic problems of robots, real bodies and the intelligence needed in the real world. Go to the Lego Mindstorms page

BIOLOGY Play the game SPORE on Steam
Study the ABC of Biology

=== === === === === === === === ===

For the bigger kids under 18 years
prep by studying:

This is an infographic that shows ages in planet history going back millions of years ... To early stages of Life. What do you think?
An 80yr old infographic is published here at
This one chart about world history on Pinterest is great too. What do you think?

CLIMATE Read "Climate Change and Global Warming Introduction"
on Global Issues (a top site!)
This is Climate Science at Penn State!!
This is a lesson program for highschools at Stanford!!

BRAIN Learn at Serendip Studio

BIOLOGY Study all biology topics using Flash Cards at the
Structure and Function of Cells, Organs and Organ Systems
at Serendip Studio
A brief journey through the Immune System (moderate length, but real academic!)
For a very comprehensive study of biology you can also proceed to the Khan Academy site :) ... Interactive!

Once you are up to speed and about 18 to 24 years (old or older). Then you can probably follow our small lesson program ...


Again Phantom is NOTHING like real.
So listen to and prep for a real University as well!!

Greetings... Have fun!




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