New and Old Media - after Capitol Hill drama US in January, and increasing Censorship EU


No FUTURE ABROAD without warning about
Sex Trafficking. Don't end up in Abuse Situation!!
- Sexual commercial abuse, exploitation
has victimised, kidnapped 10s of thousands of girls.


a) Phantom's report summary
(Based on available info from 2019)

b) CNN Freedom Project - End Slavery Now

c) Human trafficking survivor: I was raped 43,200 times - CNN



Our CAMPAIGN to have
the website team killed

Seriously, just LIKE
has agreed to decimate the offered porn
after child porn had been found and
the people started their campaign... SO
must the hclips team be killed. For
a child porn downloader seizing
computer property and lengthy jail awaits...
So AGREEING TO REMOVE won't be enough.

Phantom reported child porn to a tipline
in Canada, threw away the link, but the
video didn't seem to be removed, so
Canada seems powerless. Hclips is
hosted in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in US.
Our appeal is to give the team the chair,
and not punish below judicial standards
because it's a company or whatever.

Hurry or Phantom take hard power :|
Calling CIA, Europol and any freak
for deadly force towards

Thank You

=== end of campaign text


January 6th 2021 AD

The Storming of Capitol Hill in US, 01/06 2021 AD and on

Blog part 1 - Fascism in the online paper theGuardian...

Article in theGuardian: pro fascism & against free speech - vice versa?: 'extremist' right according to the title of the article...

Our conclusion:

Trump was right in over 90% of the time.
Radical left and radical left media:
- has destroyed democracy and
- promotes fascism
- and is anti- freespeech

Phantom found that that is the attitude of the quite wellknown news source, the British theGuardian... One month on, you face paywall to read this, this way... Here:


Phantom's context

This rant or blog reaches You from Holland. Freed by USA putting an end to German nazi occupation and the Holocaust. How can the Guardian pull off such disrespect. We, born in 70s after this war in 1940-1945, respect Jews, Anne Frank & Israel. We CANNOT understand this Development: media Jan 21 AD and on...


Context not valid in whole of EU

BUT remember that Fascism is despised here in Holland but quite normal in eg Eastern EU. From fascism to Nazism is a long path (so be careful with actions, and vigilantism):

o media
o economic / political -- NOT SO '21
o anti semitism
o crime
o full-blown Nazism
with violence, death
for Jews, gays, Downs, etc -- HELL '44


UPDATE on media and research

Thus, to collect fascism words or any keyword, OUT OF CONTEXT is wrong... And only adds to use of words like terrorist, extremist, criminal.

Just know that theGuardian
- IS actually left wing
- the context IS weird
- the use of the fascist ... 'conclusion' CAN and Must be placed in at least ONE context, prb-ly not SIBERIA

Ps. Phantom context again: we are in Holland, but we do have a history in Estonia... So: intention or interest conflict must be admitted :)


But... We do take interest in American democracy


Part 2 - Twitter, Facebook and Europe

So after what happened 01/06 and on...

We recommend ignoring Twitter as they
are radical left that has disturbed badly

*** free and free political organisation ***

in effect erasing democracy til 2020+8
is '28 AD!

Phantom will keep monitoring this situation.


Update 03/10

We copied some content.

Crucial to the context of the Future of democracy in the US -- serious business! Six articles, threat of residual one sided, leftist media is clear.

So Phantom says it now, 03/10 2021 AD:
o one sided media, leads to virtual one party USA


*** that just is the END of democracy ***

Read six articles on leftist media


Update 03/20


o USA seemed out of balance
but it will regain a balance again

o opinions were strong and negative
but we think the situation will
will return to normal...

*** with a place
for both left wing media AND right wing ***



o media in Europe is pathetic
papers are dependent, paid by new media
while new media are extorted by EU
and limited in what speech they carry:
- 2012 rule: no healing
- 2016/6 rule: no hate or extremism
- 2019/4 new copyright: no memes
or comparisons, and the latest aim
of both EU and Pres. Biden is
to suppress dis-information
which we fear will hurt authors,
thinkers, thoughts, fantasy, stories
and religion besides free use of
propaganda or weird facts and


Dead since Jan 2021 ad:
o Twitter - since Mar 2006 -
14yo+ - 300m users
o Facebook - since Feb 2004 -
17yo+ - 2 billion users


Only 'Big blog sites' that are
now the pinnacle of freespeech:
o WordPress - since Nov 2005 -
owned by Automattic

o Tumbler - since Feb 2007 -
owned by Yahoo - 3-400m users



written earlier

Freespeech in the USA & Inauguration of Pres. Biden 01/20 2021

o Europe, EU
Freespeech in Europe, EU -- After the 2016/6 hatespeech ban: the 2019/4 meme ban, based in New copyright rule


o our Freespeech site Estonia

o our site on Law & Freedom Holland

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