Stats & Site versions

Stats - Phantom has 2-3 users daily who read up for over an hour. So, Phantom is a small, nearly private tutor. Not really a busy university, yet over the years Phantom has tutored around 10,000 pupils.

Universities & Higher Education
- Zuid-Holland (ZH)
- Netherlands

Site versions
- 2017-2018 improvised, but had vision
- v2 and v3 - good brain & climate science
- v4 info more up to date, lots of links
- v5 2021 - elf & reclaim radio - radical
- v6 (current) - anti abuse, but also
nude, did, magic & 'cancer magic'


Death of School Love miss EW
- back in 1989, blood cancer
- music & action made loss worse
- magic 1998-2015, made good
- 2015 belief in heaven, said goodbye
- now, when I think of her & loss
i usually OVERestimate my current hurt
- 1989 til 2015, 26 yrs, Love is THE power :)
- pray, thank, celebrate, and God is heaven
AND with You :) (believing is not hard to do)

THIS SITE helped me express myself,
My passion to educate, and love for
girls & girl power!!

Thank You,

Lijpje M. vK
Wassenaar Town ZH 21ad