World Top Stories - SUN 11/25 - Microsoft: social circles getting riskier - plus... UK has a brexit deal - Which gives the EU-contracted genX the 'German French' EU

Contracted? We hint at the social contract
of the enlightenment citizen, since 1762
with the revolutions of France & USA
following, and European states choosing
a path of anti-revolution, after 1845 and
modern constitutions. Leading to equality
and general prosperity. First the rich could
vote, and since the 1950s everyone is
fairly rich LOL


Digital world

Snail & dirty

Master Candy

=== ===



Policemen killed in attack on Chinese consulate in Karachi


Tensions rise as migrants gather at Mexico-US border crossing
Trump renews threat to close US border with Mexico

Lethal force



HOLLAND, according to Phantom
SCP denk dat ze op een boot schoten - SUPERKLOTE, de wereld lijkt groter - SAD

On Clinton...



ultra eu

PHANTOM on ultra

Earlier news
far-Right parties have recently gained a base ground in various countries not only among the nationalists but among unionists, too. These countries include

Hungary, Denmark, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Germany, Poland and even Europe’s finest social democracies such as Norway and Finland. (INDEP AUS)

Calls it FAR right

Calls it FASCIST

... bans Kaspersky"dutch+government+bans"+2017+2018+"group"+surr...
... No surrender ... No apparent ban"british+government+bans"+2017+2018+"group"&t=...
... bans Lethal injection production"british+government+bans"+2017+2018+"group"+"r... ... bans Boko haram



Brexit - political process started
after a poll on 23rd of June, 2016
UK, EU leaders finalise divorce at Brexit summit in Brussels

‘Yellow vest’ protesters clash with police on Champs-Elysées in Paris
#NousToutes: Tens of thousands protest violence against women in Paris

UK intimidates Germany before brexit
British army chief: Russia 'far bigger threat than IS' 11/23

UK Parliament seizes cache of Facebook internal papers
Documents alleged to contain revelations on data and privacy controls that led to Cambridge Analytica scandal