Edu alliance offer - to ... NATO

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1 who decides ... we are addressing

SACEUR ... found at

2 we found NATO SEEKS TO
improve “interoperability” of multinational forces, i.e. their ability to work together

3 and we found that NATO is
committed to effective cooperation and coordination with partner countries and international organisations


okay ...

o countries

o internat org

SO probably not PU ...

still we make the offer
in this document.


NATO is committed to ...

improve “interoperability” of multinational forces



o a limited set of links

o report on media and
communication possibilities

with which it is clear that
this is news and info on
media and communication

and NOT a recommendation
or actual offer of networks
for use AND NOT in name
of NATO. just info ON,
abstract. WE will also
NOT offer info FROM NATO.


Offering this now,
nov18, version 0.4


LINKS ON Phantom University

o our priorities

o our classes guide

o our previous docs ON NATO

o stats on PU ... post on



o we think safety of girls and
women should be guarded by any
good army and soldier. Phantom
originates from this very thought.

we are a proponent of RAINN.
which we promote with tags
Girlpower & RAINN4eu



o short summary of current devices,
networks & risks

o Google. the Google EU crime chronicle
- a complex research piece

o only the vids, the login with Google,
is still a standing argument, people
have been fired, we prefer arrests

o for the rest the point is that
we are in hvn



o do you know Kaitseliit? #tech
Read about on always OPEN
Baltic news source the BT

o currently we think twitter
has quite a negative ambience
o currently Tumblr is
banned from the Apple app store.
we think this is a great loss.

o ... [working]




=== end of offer


None yet.

=== eof