A Criticism of Large-scale Science

Here Phantom lists criticisms
of Large-scale Science...

As science advanced since for
example Isaac Newton (classical
mechanics, physics) in the 17th
Century statistics used by science
has become more advanced as well,
more intricate but also more counter-

In this preliminary we try to maintain
that a counter-intuitive method like
modern big-data statistics produces
science that is less valid than before.


So why?:

o it's not even an experiment: it's
Large-scale but for the research
nothing moves.
o the counter-intuitiveness produces
an answer that cannot be understood
by humans. A bit like AI tech or big data.
o Phantom interprets Scientology
as being in line with our judgment
that an experiment with, even when
not ON, that many people is
prohibited for moral reasons.
(PS even in communication!)

o Science at at such a scale takes so
much into consideration it's impossible
to replicate the research.
o And, in addition to point above, it
violates Intelligent Design because
Large-scale research covers many
peoples and environments under
different Gods.


Under construction



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