Freespeech in Europe, EU -- After the 2016/6 hatespeech ban: the 2019/4 meme ban, based in New copyright rule

The BAD state of #freespeech
#freemedia IN #EU

1/3 fining journalists

2/3 copyright, effect: ban on memes 2019/4 +

3/3 next ban: fakenews - relates to conspiracy in EU,
qanon in usa. Jan 2018. Effective?? ...

... Will be a longer Page. Link here coming.


The public response

All remained silent, except EFF and a few in the know




#eugenics check lots of covid-19 irrelevant, blm, and disabled (latter most relevant use)

eugenics? The fundament of pharmaceutical psychiatry, managing cases of neurotypes
(those who are dissident, parapsychological or neurological & genetically different)

here a movie plot



It took us three years to understand
the impact of the new copyright rule

Maybe we are mistaken, it goes far!
But this is what EU accomplishes:

o extortion of modern social media
and big sites on the web

o some extortion money goes
to the old media of Europe, papers, etc

o memes (joking about news, brands
and institutions like mental health),
these slogans are forbidden. This is
a freespeech hell. Users are suspended,
completely isolated and less economically
viable as citizens and members of
the global economy the Net used to
enable in Europe

o so links & memes are controversial.

Absurd freespeech violation
after EU started with hatespeech ban
in 2016/6 agreement with US social
media. The instigators were US, Germany
and France, who suffered attack in 2015/11.

Listen to Bloomberg, 2016

Europe is not ON the wrong track,
it's a true AUTHORITARIAN zone
with ... A coming focus on 'the truth'

It dictated Pres. Biden when he
vowed to fight misinformation in
his inaugural speech 01/20 2021 AD.

We suspect, in conclusion, that
it all stems from xenofobic leaders,
like in France, Italy and Holland
(Wilders) ... That came into govt
in 2010, after the 2008 financial
crisis, and we suspect their
xenophobic, anti constitutional
talk, presence & 2nd tier influence
on debate, and law creating process
has put the EU in a confused, toxic
anti human rights, anti freespeech
mode of operation. 2010 2016 2019
and misinfo is next. Spelling the
end of dumbness, myth, story
and religious freespeech...

Phantom will STAND!
plz share ideas in comments below!
This will NOT be the end of freedom!



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