Freespeech in the USA & Inauguration of Pres. Biden 01/20 2021

Item 9 inauguration Biden 0120 11.30 ET

No news on ANY protest 13 hours later


see item 8

Censorship based on anti 1 concept

Is that clear enough for anti FREESPEECH?
one of the fundamentals of free society!!

The simple road to dictatorship:

Pres. Biden: "fight misinformation!!"

This is BAD NEWS!!
Its authoritarian / authoritarianism
Not gonna explain yet.

Can say they're on the road and
taking a simple easy explanation.

Like: dumping democracy, and
only saying let's fight queues!!

Sucks big time, need stronger
condemnation actually.

No euphemisms...


Future of twitter, technically


EU and Jan 6th 2021 ad
Protest riot storming occupation Capitol

On the day of the Stormin of Capitol hill
the EU got a new internet law...
Don't know yet, whether good or bad...


(More coming)

End of item 9

=== Item 8 - #Freespeech & stopping lies/misinformation

Jan 12th - heard on #Bloomberg 4.45am ET
twitter: "ban ... lies" hence 1984 title

BINGO - 1984 IS HERE, 2021

twitter said Lies, ban lies

#Forbes says #twitter said "misinformation"

Bloomberg quotes "lies".
[Hour later calls it Conspiracy crackdown.]

Tags #lies #misinformation #conspiracycrackdown


also found


Weird one by Forbes, retracted