June 2017 all breaks came off the witch hunt ... The truth is still out there - ON THE BAR-LOWER-DECK


The essence is that Trump
blasted the media, not Mueller.


Just see halfway the Article.
The headline is incorrect, and
there are multiple versions.
Read that one screen, and you
know the headline is untrue.

If you search on Google, the
headline is different, even worse.

And from the next day, it's lies.
And June this year, the lies
say Trump would be 'going
OJ' against Mueller. Not true.

As trump says since Feb 2016:

ITS AN LEFT, EU, RUS, UK witch hunt.


Next ... A personal log

A log of what?
I am not sure either,
but I am in captivity LOL

First read THIS - Dutch / English,
(so sorry about messy writing):

Verklaring na overplaatsing KIS - verraden (implant, family, land) - SIGARENHOTEL vr PU


Log - in 280 chars

Okay 'til
Apr '14 - censored

May - big stress
June - ecto found
Aug - incarcerated

So if it was for Trump,
I would be a free man

We lost after this (thewrap)


And EU thinking would
be less consistently
abusive, a-scientific,
and racial & confirming
male dominance :(



prio ordi

My captivity is in the light of ...

o first: torture at z'meer ... Am witness
but DID and pm works against normalcy ... bionic!
o secondly: my heart, lead, pm, rasar ... Cars
o thirdly: witch hunt ... This Title

I will no longer discuss my
'dwangbehandeling' or beyond tertiary resa, like

o fourth: cars in sense of mat damage, q & pressure
o fifth: 'damage' to 40 year old broken mirrors
from car wrecks of Wassenaar A44 ... Good thing
for my mental health and peace for the dead

There is so much care taking ... Focus
on newer ...