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Phantom online uni admin
Wassenaar town Holland '21 AD





on this special day
The birthday of the Physic
of Dakota ... Our Primary Fantom F

01/23 we announce our
Ascend into Prince & Princess -hood

For two heroic actions
In 2008 and one a few yrs later

Read about our fight
- skip to Aug 21 on this
free tweet archive and
Read the Details...

Thank You & God Bless You, BB

VN MMG Prince Lijpje M &
VN MMG Princess Dakota F

January 23rd - #Wassenaar town, ZH


Notice Dutch 'aanhef' for coms

VN MMG and then Prince or Princess

Which is:

Verheven in Naam van Mus,
den Merel en den Gorilla: Prince or Princess

Of kortweg, abbreviated to
VN MMG Prince Lijpje M
and VN MMG Princess Dakota F

(Gerechtelijjk beschermd onder
Phantom online university.

sS01 : )


Timeline tech starts


The central processing unit (CPU)
made computers cheaper & simpler.

Pre CPU machines

Zuse (1st), ENIAC, Whirlwind (with screen).

IBM 360, PDP1 and PDP8 were
Popular but cost tens of thousands of $.

So we start with the first consumer
product with a CPU. A 8800...

=== ===

TIMELINE tech 1975-2019

o 1975ad - the MITS Altair kit, $500
the first consumer pc, program
its 8800 CPU with switches. :)
An ecosystem of add-ons is
developed by others, using
its S100 bus. The IBM PC also
had a good bus design, as
advised by a young Mr. Gates.

o 1979ad - the spreadsheet is
the killer invention, which sells
millions of Apple IIs
Design: Steve Wozniak (Now edu & spkr)
Vision & Sales: Steve Jobs (-2011 RIP)

o 1981ad - the IBM homecomputer
the IBM PC, with Microsoft DOS
is set become a world standard, the
grey 'pc box', companies like Dell arise


o 2001ad - the PC & the Mac grow up.
Windows has XP, perfect, Mac OSX,
smooth, appealing, perfect :) -
bsd Unix & Aqua* - so Berkeley UNIX (1971)
-- Reykj88+13 -> change in BSD license
Plus *visuals & the Windows NT kernel for Win.

o 2004ad - the internet 1968-2004
grows up, over half people have Broadband

o 2006ad - the iPhone & Android smartphone


o 2013ad - Android is grown up &&
iPhone 5 Is World's Best-Selling Smartphone

o 2014ad & 2015ad history
War on Isis, war in Syria & Iraq, terror in France
Pope speaks of piecemeal ww3:

And... tech is partially to blame:
Agreements with Big Tech to limit
Extremism & hate & easy private coms

o 2019ad - EU acts against fake news
In the third year of US Pres. Trump
No more Obama-era special relations
between US and EU. NATO under pressure
o The time smartphones become more
expensive than pcs... Because they're
worth it... Popular: YouTube, insta, tiktok

Apple, Microsoft, Amazon worth over 1T$.

=== ===

=== eof