Girlpower 2019... How you can be native D.I.D. if you can focus on being 'un-complex'

We compiled this Girlpower Protocol
in 2018, now we want to make
something better for 2019


*** How we became DID ***

we have directed ourselves to have
DID (a split person, we have N souls, nsoul)
in order to help TA who has it too and has
us (m) as an alter and a large audience

we always strived to have a 'bare bones' brain

we have did AND schizophrenia, so it seems healthy
to be uncomplicated by anything

o we studied the brain

o we gave lots of attention to attention

o we are not romantic, we have enough
love among ourselves as alters, which we
see as host m, ghost d and guest/owner sg

being not romantically involved makes
our psychology un-complex

and being un-complex is healthy for schizophrenia
and makes it more easy to see how ghostlike
the alters are

what follows are some important questions
we answer positively from the EASE q's
in wiki on selfdisorder

after that we show you how we keep happy


from part ONE of the EASE question list

1. thoughts do not seem to originate from the self
Yes, DID


2. recurring thought tend to have violent, sexual or
otherwise agressive content, not resisted by person
3. rituals in relation to 2.
4. person believes thoughts are so loud, heard by others
Yes, that caused them to obsessional, with bg ew 12 1998

5. thoughts appear as written text
Yes. All my life.

6. difficulty initiating and organising goal-directed behav
Yes. less planning, DL PFC

7. The future is blocked and existence dominated by past.

8. difficulty mobilising words to express thoughts.
A bit. All my life.


from part TWO of the EASE question list

1. Things in world seem intrusive, affecting person strongly
Yes. Like world news.

2. Sense that self is not unified, this beyond multifaceted self.

-> 'I-split'

3. Feelings as if they were another person.
My feelings are another soul.

4. Feeling as if the person is much older or younger than in reality.
Yes. Used to.

5. Person is confused about what people see as implicit meaning.
Eg 2+2 or geometry.

6. Intense constant anxiety.
Yes, quite a bit.

from part THREE of the EASE question list


from part FOUR of the EASE question list

1. Brief feeling as if being the centre of all existence.
Not brief, this is our slogan outdoors.

2. Person feels annihilated when in close contact to another.
Yes, or DID beats real bodily intimacy!!



we, MSF, the nsoul,
are happy by ourselves

we have 3 mottos:

o celebrate
o gratefulness
o positiveness

and sometimes we speed up our behavior
to be happier, or we just smile more
which helps too LOL


the way, if you listen to madonna...

o celebrate

6 Ways To Be Grateful and Happier

grateful ...
o now
o for big things
o for small things
o to those who need it
o in public
o when someone teaches you something


10 ways to happiness

o Set goals
o Meditate often
o Think optimistically
o Build positive relationships
o Be kind and generous
o Count your blessings ... gratitude


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