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Tech Firms, Activists Suffer Copyright Defeat After EU Vote

EU reaches tentative deal on copyright in digital age

a good read on the state of journalism, on wired, what you know, but need to hear


The global state of freedom of expression and information is at its lowest point for ten years. - reported 12/5

Online freedom is declining around the world, says report - Freedom House - reported 11/1

EU -- Articles 11 and 13 of the EU Copyright Directive take a wrecking ball to core concepts, ... will have [impact] on innovation and the ability to communicate online - sep18

Phantom free media 2017

Phantom freedom digital 2018sum unav


web freedom - high to low

1 iceland & estonia
2 canada
3 germany ------- < holland here 20
4 australia
5 united states - 40
6 united kingdom
7 south africa
=== unfree to our holland standards
8 japan
9 italy
10 france
low: hungary / lowest: china



Some easily found but not
recent or super relevant titles:

Italy - intimidation

France - state sponsoring

Hungary - state monopoly




Online circles getting riskier

Microsoft says online behavior is getting worse

Also involved, Facebook...

From a 12/10 BBC news article on
the yellow vest protests we learned
that Facebook is prioritizing LOCAL:

"... coincided with a change in Facebook''s algorithm.
According to Buzzfeed News, in January this year the site
began to prioritise local networks and posts from family and
friends - leading to an explosion in popularity for such
regional groups"

So, in 2011 we saw Arab Facebook Revolution and now,
in 2018, France has its Facebook-local groups organizing
and recently organizing the yellow-vest protests.


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