an opinion - freedom of opinion - literal AI ggl translation FROM DUTCH... FYI

a) no plan
B) MAY a person, known victim (vulnerable)
or group NO further damage or threat

as a result, the civil law provides for: prohibited ...

o title 33: terror plans, organization ('purpose')

o calls to hatred
o calls to threaten person or property

o Article 240b: for the protection of the abused child
o extended with access to child pornography 'providing' (a
o and artificial afflictions to be confused with real (b

where a) is in line with target (1984, d66, discussion at 240b)

and extension b) that is not, but very favorable against
porn based on AI fabrications or based on existing ones
images or 3d scans (eg cc footage, Avisa or ACC radar). this

3 items in Dutch



o - free economy & free speech

o - EU hate speech ban 2016/6 and on.

updates, Twitter searches:

o On green ++ Freespeech --
In Europe EU #EU (on PearlTrees):

two small files on Censorship ... Yes, SAD!

o .png Image on WYSIWYG

o my vcf People vcard - with Text on Censorship in Comment (CIT)

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