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1. See a list of all subjects encompassing the impact
of climate change

2. What can be done now to limit CO2 (still limited, since
it doesn't address economic system) as well as a list
of news focussing on Arctic ice

3. Go in-depth into the Phantom Climate news library
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Cognitive Neuroscience

1. For a first intro into brain structures read these

2. Then dive into the long science subjects list, to be studied
with popular news from the web or the pubmed science library

3. Finally, there's the new explanation for consciousness

Also, you can look around and see all articles on Phantom
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Consciousness is NOT so hard to explain

Waves, perceptual space & why You are aware of all stuff


Waves: slow to fast

Delta waves - sleep

Theta - attention & coupled to gamma for retrieving memory sequences (see Lisman)

Alpha waves - prepares gating in the brain for receiving input, without context info is worthless (see Brickwedde)

Beta waves - top down prediction towards senses (anterior to posterior) (see Jinghua)

Gamma - feedback from prediction, confirm is strong gamma, error is higher gamma (see Language & gamma on phantom)






Language & gamma



Perceptual space

The frequencies of the waves above, when they occur in a real brain, are not stable.

They run in different directions, some getting slower, others faster, varying in seconds.

The weird thing is, the reference frames the brain creates are not stable at varying brain
wave frequencies. So the space you are aware of, is created in different ways every
few seconds.

A maddening thought. But also our entry point for the Phantom theory of awareness. ...


The Phantom theory of awareness

Awareness is not all that info in it in one point.
It must be parallel, distributed.

So the question is, why do You, as one, get to see it??
Phantom says the answer is related to the beta waves, as described above.

Prediction from top down, is understanding input ahead of time.
So phantom says: understanding makes seeing, and ....
the You in understanding and agency stretches into those parallel
bits of prediction that is in top down beta waves.

So how can the You be stretched and broken into parallel pieces ....
and still be You.

We think it's like an arm. The elbow rotates, yet the arm 'moves'.
We think there is, like that arm, simple agency, in those parallel streams.
And gamma, the errors from real input, closes the circle.
The agent has feedback, and when the top structure reacts, the
arm moves, and the You at the perception can see itself being
affected. Thus it feels in all those parallel details of perception
like an agent.

As we said in the part about perceptual space, its generator
keeps changing, thus there is also choice and difference
in perception that way as well. For example, observing
or finding lines and in other state faces.

welcome to phantom university

Welcome to Phantom University

on the front page
use the top article to pick a source

or dive in at the study pages


we created this free university
for girls who are disempowered, poor,
abused or otherwise disadvantaged.

we got DID
from being a fan of Tori Amos
who does a lot for RAINN network for abused.

we were never abused but we were stressed
because we lost a loved one in 1989

we thought having DID would make us a good
DID researcher but we thought the current
problem of climate change and the general
question what is my brain doing make more
interesting topics. we enjoyed studying
the two topics from 2003 til 2013.

and thus, here is phantom, with a nod to DID


Climate Update - what must happen & news links

The Limits of Clean Energy
If the world isn’t careful, renewable energy could become as destructive as fossil fuels.

Latest (August 2020)

Half of Antarctic ice shelves could collapse in a flash, thanks to warming

How Much Will Earth Really Warm By?

Rising temps could kill millions a year by century’s end


People must use less transport, eat less red meat and buy fewer clothes if the UK is to virtually halt greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, the government's chief environment scientist has warned.

urgent changes needed include ending population growth, leaving fossil fuels in the ground, halting forest destruction and slashing meat eating.

Global emissions need to be halved by next decade and net-zero by mid century, says energy economist Nebojsa Nakicenovic

“Nearly two-thirds of the pledges under the Paris climate agreement are ‘totally insufficient’ to meet critical climate targets.” And almost no nation in the world is on track to meet those targets.
tweet here:

India, the U.S. and China saw some of the biggest rises in greenhouse gas emissions in 2018, a new report says. The EU’s output fell by 2.5%
tweet here:







September 2020

(up to 23rd)

Ocean carbon uptake widely underestimated

Humans, not climate, have driven rapidly rising mammal extinction rate

Siberia's permafrost erosion has been worsening for years

How much will polar ice sheets add to sea level rise?

Curbing land clearing for food production is vital to reverse biodiversity declines

August 2020

Sea level rise from ice sheets track worst-case climate change scenario

July 2020

Agriculture - a climate villain? Maybe not!

Tree planting does not always boost ecosystem carbon stocks, study finds

Heat stress: The climate is putting European forests under sustained pressure

Discovery of first active seep in Antarctica provides new understanding of methane cycle

June 2020

Carbon emission from permafrost soils underestimated by 14%

New species extinction target proposed for global nature rescue plan

New species extinction target proposed for global nature rescue plan

Half of the world's population exposed to increasing air pollution

Global warming will cause ecosystems to produce more methane than first predicted

Major new paleoclimatology study shows global warming has upended 6,500 years of cooling

May 2020

Warming Midwest conditions may result in corn, soybean production moving north

Planting trees is no panacea for climate change

Sea level could rise by more than 1 meter by 2100 if emission targets are not met

El Niño-linked decreases in soil moisture could trigger massive tropical-plant die offs

Climate change will turn coastal Antarctica green, say scientists

World can likely capture and store enough carbon dioxide to meet climate targets

April 2020

Some of the latest climate models provide unrealistically high projections of future warming

Glacier detachments: A new hazard in a warming world?

Unusually clear skies drove record loss of Greenland ice in 2019

Offshore oil and gas platforms release more methane than previously estimated

Long-living tropical trees play outsized role in carbon storage

New study helps improve accuracy of future climate change predictions

Upper ocean water masses shrinking in changing climate: Less efficient CO2 sink

Our American Dream

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In terms of #climate policy #EU is now the world #1 in #leadership & #smart climate policy. So, forget #siliconvalley, for climate #smart means not users but countries pulling together - #wassenaar - Puritan & Jacobean, we host free edu for girl power

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Would it be so hard, for the #EU, to just take turns after the US, being a source of explicit #leadership (and a recognizable #symbol) in the value of freedom, justice, rise to prosperity for the rest of the world. Take the lead. #humanrights #wassenaar

Phantom proposes a Neuroscience of DID

Submitted by admin on Sat, 02/02/2019 - 07:59

Norrmals may use language to call up a non me....


Note by Admin 04/23

Language is the means of calling
up a new imaginary shell for sz / shaman
Also think ritual, simple sentences
Incorporating jesus or protagonist, boy girl

It also is the means of appreciation
Because language can direct attention

Since the connection broca tpj is weaker
sz are inclined to manipulate shell in tpj
with their whole body instead of broca alone
ref says simple agency, sz uses whole body

All kind of relatable to ref 1


Two important refs for text by Admin



About TPJ - self body vs others


STUDY-choice 'C' - Impacts of climate change - Library created 2004-2013

STUDY-choice 'N' - Topic Cognitive Neuroscience - Created August 2018

Lesson Program v5 - Topic Cognitive Neuroscience -
Instruction version "structured" v5.0 - Created August 2018


Layout of Instruction

o part 1: introduction
o part 2: laying out all topics
o more sources


o part 1: introduction

The intro

Study all brain structures


o part 2: laying out all topics

Study the Subjects (sub:) & systems list

Neuroscience Quick Intro - 36 functions localized

In a picture

prefrontal cortex (front)
action planning
decision making
value evaluation
working memory
cognitive control

Surprising answers from cognitive neuroscience - LINKS

Human Brain Region Functions Like Digital Computer

Imaging Pinpoints Brain Regions That 'See The Future'

Girlpower 2019... How you can be native D.I.D. if you can focus on being 'un-complex'

We compiled this Girlpower Protocol
in 2018, now we want to make
something better for 2019


*** How we became DID ***

we have directed ourselves to have
DID (a split person, we have N souls, nsoul)
in order to help TA who has it too and has
us (m) as an alter and a large audience

we always strived to have a 'bare bones' brain

we have did AND schizophrenia, so it seems healthy
to be uncomplicated by anything

Science & Physics link page

Learn physics with simulations

Learn physics & space (pre-college level)


News Updates

New observations challenge universe model

For #Leiden #Wassenaar #Leidschendam
#Indianapolis - here: FOURx #materialscience
to never forget - #graphene #aerosol -
(best practices?) superbugs #medicine:
1) #gel 2) #nanospunge cf. Pubmed

"Girlpower got its Protocol"

#Kawaii #Sweet #Inclusive
#Inclusive At twitter (160 tweets per hour)

Contents of this Title

o Phantom Girlpower Protocol jul18 v1
o #metoo in the news
o more


Phantom Girlpower Protocol jul18 v1

Drowning cities in 2050

Two very new thoughts in green science & activism

Huck magazine says ... Make Ecocide a Crime

By prosecuting those who harm the planet, individuals would finally be held to account – a victory that would change everything. #EarthDay

Original tweet here


Paul Dawson says ... Break the Law for this Crisis

“We believe that the continued governmental inaction over the climate and ecological crisis now justifies peaceful and non-violent protest and direct action, even if this goes beyond the bounds of the current law,”
#ActOnClimate #ClimateCrisis

Original tweet here

Ecocide by the economic system - that's why the activists call themselves Extinction (rebels)

o new world - 1492 +
usa, s-am, Australia, nz
decimated original pop
from over 120m to 25m (pg 130 Ecocide)
destruction of flora
by horses cows goats
hunting and extermination
of megafauna, of eg bisons


1 o population growth
in combination with
the unfair neo-liberal
capitalist system of rich
unfair, wasteful, overconsum

Search Engines

Search is safer for privacy if you dont use Google

Check out 17 alternatives here


Phantom mostly uses duck


Whistleblower stories at digg, mostly about US though

The Neuroscience of Language & Gamma waves that connect distant brain parts

phantom's favs

Top-down and Bottom-Up Mechanisms as Reflected by Beta and Gamma Oscillations in Speech Perception: An Individual-Difference Approach



o monk
o nurse
o parent

in one

o DID and i-split
(in selfdisorder)
with a magic, trusted
and little one in ONE
Notice monk, doctor, parent


.... more

Be Grateful & Celebrate - Reality & Happiness

6 Ways To Be Grateful and Happier

grateful ...
o now
o for big things
o for small things
o to those who need it
o in public
o when someone teaches you something


10 ways to happiness

o Set goals
o Meditate often
o Think optimistically
o Build positive relationships
o Be kind and generous
o Count your blessings ... gratitude


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