Why there is so little comment on Dutch nude and (soft) pornography -
Here we explain why even the big-mouth Dutch people remain so silent

written by engineer M. van Kuyen - April 2018 - the Netherlands

keywords: online, writing, discussion (discussion ethics), nudity, 
religions, cultures, tabu, shame


From three starting points...

there is, like it or not, appreciation of the nude among the digital audience

while there is, for an actual image, the issue, straightforward: in this world
there are no large collections of nude photography of a recent origin for
which it is s clear, in writing!, whether the subjects of the photography are in
the picture consentiously, or whether their environment in the sense of
caring, and caring culturally doesn't object the pictures.

*** The pictures carry the load of tabu, risk of verbal or physical abuse or
other wrong doings. ***


The Heretic Question of Shame

Yet in the Netherlands and Germany a portion of the population would
resist putting the Nude under such tabu, since they feel that Shame is 
important to fight against. While they do (hopefully) believe in the 
goodness, and not macho-ness of Men. I do emphasize Men, since a 'rapist'
is the Man and he is the biologically less 'involved' in a pregnancy
and not the the woman, obviously, who carries a child... in what we all
hope to be a pleasing relationship. So I intend this remark to be separate
from negative reaction to the nude.

So these people feel that the Men are Good, Shame is Bad and that the 
human body of men, women and child are very Powerful and Beautiful to depict
and thus have this 'abstract' demand for appreciation.

So the demand could quite abstract, meaning that we could discuss whether
there 'must' be large collections or that the man depicted by Davinci
or the Romans, for example, would satisfy this Heretic demand.

With the benefit, according to some Dutch and German people, of the 
greater absence of risk in being depicted nude. 


But, what we find... is that the proper discussion of nude, not because
of the nude itself, but this very risk of wrong doing towards subjects is
fatally complicated because this risk and NOT the subjects in the nude
take the arguments towards SEX. While, according to the BBC, the mixing of 
religious, sexual, medical is thought of as ethically too demanding
conversation or discussion. 

So the element sexual is introduced BY the perceived risk of the depication
of the nude. While the same, caring cultural environment, also
introduces cultural and religious perspectives and differences, which
only happens to make the discussion in text difficult as well.

Thus, the Dutch, who are generally bigmouth... Must remain silent.


So. We believe that this is an important aspect of the battle between
the shameless appreciation of the looks, muscles and the movements
of the human body versus the objections towards (online) nudity.

Hopefully we answer here the quite silly question of why, while
Holland and Germany publish a lot of nude pictures (and even more
pornography), there is so little written intelligence concerning
this battle between shame and good (prodominantly) male behaviour.

In this time of the #metoo movement, which questions the nature
or the agressiveness of the way males approach females beyond
pleasant conversation and appropriate ways of bonding (that is: 
appropriate perceived by modern women themselves!), there is
a new push towards a more decent and less intrusive life for

So we do ask you: is the human body always fit to exhibit?

Or should we say: if you can't write what you feel about some
depictions, as is proposed here... should WE forget the image??



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