A extreme affluence in 7-8 year olds (funny report, FOR 7-8 year olds)

                         B porn in and from holland - two standards (x-rated, text)

                         C meisjes_laat_-_wat_kan_okay_zijn,_wat_bevat_risk,_wat_is_fout

                         D 2015_zomer_til_2017-11_report_(waak_johwit_tuinpad).html


                         andere rapporten, other reports

                         E censored_18_categories.html 

                         F diaryoffreespeechEU20152016 

                         G ethics_of_writing_about_nudity_april18.html 

                         H a very clear violation of law by Google & case against youtube
                           version with tweets that reason that the concept of the defensive dome could be to blame (cold war ii)

                         I same very clear violation of law by Google & case against youtube
                           version with two pages that frame fascists & pedo groups as end points in
                           philosophy when gov uses force against philosophy, so it can be done peacefully... so 
                      I    Google & dutch phone seller bol is pedo, while Apple is an expensive alternative

                         europol request 3 - done (case solved)
                         manchester, synthetic chem airborn, case 3 (this one)

                         these last 5 are about free media

                         we'd like to add that defending free media is focused
                         on improving free high quality self publishing
                         and we don't mean targeting anyone with anything
                         ethics, medical, sexual, and relgious development
                         are sensitive, so we'd never promote targeting content 
                         or messages. so fb, twt, tumblr have a task there
                         and certainly are making progress and continue to do so

                         liberty - gedegen - celebrate deity ... mvk nov17


                         Q: was the Johnson amendment a western geopolitical dogma that made
                            the West more free 70s to 90s and scrapping worsened anti religious
                            politics in complex organisations, also outside the US?

                         G the how or howcome of ggz misusing google information - tag: religious persecution in holland

                         this also involves breakin and writing info on existing religious notes. take this very serious.


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