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serious ai teaser ... psudoAI definition of what is a ghost PART ONE psudoai def of ghost: animals strong, wish, fault reads: READ BY BG, CNTMOV can be quest, secret, basically a plan or what's your plan ?? complexity is in the situations, subcults addressed by: muzak, wrds, symbols PART TWO in illustration: heart & countermove hence neutral, narr: shaman and attempted 'reverse omega': satanism, darkness PART THREE demonstration of threat reading by twitter crowd unconsciously detecting a cyber threat excercise PART FOUR - Arguments against current science Reading this intentionally vague entry about ghosts, you might say "Okay, well i do believe my thoughts or ideas were coming from a ghost, or God." and "that's why i came to this Ghost page!" Well, psychiatrically, the opinion, in the West, is that you are then having a delusion of control. It's a schizophrenic thing. The modern, scientific way of doing away with any reality in witchcraft and heresy :-). The West's primary theoretical stand is based on the work of Chris Frith (Neuroscientist #13 in the world because of that). Wiki Page Chris Frith: He has published over 500 papers[8] in peer reviewed journals and has an h-index of 146. He is the author of a number of important neuroscience books, including the classic The Cognitive Neuropsychology of Schizophrenia (1992/2015)[9] and the popular science book Making up the Mind (2007),[10] which was on the long list for the Royal Society Science Book Award in 2008. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society, the British Academy, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. However, despite their best effort (so far, science is never done), the science is pretty advanced (so is mine) but it has philosophical problems: o 1999 discussion of the Frith 'your-ideas-ARE-yours' theory snippet, problem area in quote inside my red box, plus (quote at bottom) "no immediate contradiction" (he means none at all, if his 'puppet scenario' would be common) Read here: o If you have ever danced or unintentionally physically copied someone (here called being a puppet; so that would be 'to the rhythm of the music' or of a person you copy) ... well, then you know ... Reason is still on the ghosts' and God's side. Thanks & bb, psudoAI ;-) === nb. omega is the process that changes msg heartful into msg countermove, darkness nb. to narr is to grunt Read a simple second comment on Frith Chris Frith and the Dancer
=== new 2016-05-18 puzzle on this, if you're into mystic spirit theory This is the video mentioned in note 001 (dutch) = transcription (english) this is 'bad wisdom chapter 01' i got 4 points to discuss, 4 magical mystical theories 3 about the basal ganglia (in the brain, bg) 1 the first is about hearing voices (c) a voice, i see like this: from the BG comes a body or a face ('godhead') this expresses a cultural belief this belief can in some cases be 'in violation' of an own rule (attitude in life), this vio rule expresses itself (its resistance, omega*) in the language centers, and that's a voicehearers voice 2 then point 2, very short attention can transform into control that is, very short, the existence coming into existence of ghosts 3 (which is partly about birds!) when a ghost or a ghosts home starts to exist in the basal ganglia, that exists as a large collection of parts, representations of movements, of the body a kind of broken mirror ... if this creates a movement that induces a reaction with a person, this can induce 'telepathy' (a subconscious communication, *also kind of omega) this reaction can come to the attention of a bird and because each part, movement has a space place with a time, dated annotation, which has a link with the hippocampus and thereby a (memory's) associational capacity ... will the assistence that a bird can give to the situation for the moving protoghost in the negative social circumstance (reaction) ... a fixed link is created (by bg and hip, a memory) between the past and the bird! so not normal memory, but a link between a part of a protoghost and a living thing in the environment (of the host, brain, ghost), so that bird so the link is between the cue and the bird the cue, a thing or someone the host was with in such a space, externally, the magic is 'upped' one gets gardens of cues, birds, magic-ed up a kind of translucent crystal palace lively ... living space instead of memory the theory is not so hard but what happens to the social space is immense that's the depth, through ghost, assocation, birds, cues finally... 4 when for a ghost its lived time and its dead time are in a balance then the ghost could prefer to take refuge not at the core friends, but distant love preferring its (host's) happiness, love and still close proximity that's deep realisation and the end === read westcoast home, the ghost teaser, PART FOUR - Arguments against current science (why psychiatry is wrong, goes head to head with ghosts, but looses and leaves space for god and ghost) the mentioned brain structures Learning processing in the basal ganglia: a mosaic of broken mirrors === end of transcription new 2016-07-06 puzzle on this, if you're into the secret of consciousness i was actually contemplating 'uploading' and came up with the ideas in the notes i don't think uploading is a problem, i think consciousness can function in a simulation, just like fire can ... no one would say a simulated fire /is/ really fire, but that doesn't mean you could take elements out of the simulation without change as i see the notes, they give leads about: o consciousness of the inner workings of the mind o the role of narrative (i want to keep vague, but narr, narrative is more than initiating the contents coming from the source module ... sometimes there could be only narrative, lore, while the workings only shine through in the contents of the thoughts vaguely) o a sort of minimal consciousness o ps the theory would work as well for the workings of narration itself, supposedly since functional consciousness is possible in a sim anyway, i think i would have to give up the search for ' the' magic element that lifts a theory above computationality. but being more specific than /any pattern/-mismatch (Gray 1981, 2001) /does/ have its advantages and makes the theory testable. Gray 1981 - The Neuropsychology of Anxiety o the Gray theory is a long line of research, going back to Sokolev in 1953 and Vinogradova in the 70s to 90s (Vinogradova called it the hippocampal comparator, to which the Gray 1981 version agrees, 2001 reformulated) o ps i was the first to simulate the 1981 version, reported in Feedback in Knowledge-Oriented NNs (at the Gronics 1997 student conference, Netherlands) o look for 'the contents of consciousness' on the web === 2016-07-29 thought and ghost is it a regular thought, judge yourself! TAKE CARE! Love, M L SG 2016-10-02 you could appreciate, as a wiccan, druid, shaman or spirit/angel person ... this 'spirit, counter spirit' Europe 800-1800ad log === APPX i'm trying to find high quality links that feature some good theoretical info, but I haven't found much yet. i am convinced the spirit world is not just about energy but information as well though (people exchange quite detailed info nonverbally aug15, and birds as well mar06). ps this will be the latest and last addition to westcoast (home) for some time === eof
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