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Welcome to Phantom online university We study and publish about world and culture. Pick a topic, 7 for luck o climate o tolerance and censoring hate speech o religion, heaven and underworld o elite and the rest UNDER CONSTRUCTION o adult sexual norms live o child sexual norms pics vids and report o ABOUT Phantom and Arawn or CONTACT Lijpje at twt NEWS LINKS Phantom follows the news on tech vs norm... 0520 theguardian: Can we create a moral metaverse?

Phantom online university is a legal entity, founded in 2017. 2022 phantom copyleft... copy share change use
At first we were AVANT GARDE o a pioneer of simulating predictive coding, which is a neuroscience paradigm o implemented the 1994 alternative Lifestreams to the computer desktop and O aided by it O studied neuroscience Avant Garde is pretty much ahead but also unaccepted. Now Arawn has a family of souls in his neuro head which he transported from the past, E and Lijpje, or even brought to life from DVD, Dak. Arawn is injected for green naughtniness by the sovietlike ZH state. This is okay. Arawn has no more fear and, Rather his butt injected than eg of these innocent little girls for whom we all did it. Phantom notes Phantom used to be hosted on a Drupal PHP sys, served 5 million visitors, went from edu '17 about and for abused, brain and climate to more on edge '22. Phantom succeeds westcoastideals Phantom still presents realityhack.org in case something happens to reality tags wifi doppler, sound through walls, audi radar indoor privacy porn nudes, mental health discovers reality real beam machine victim it likes for good
+++ SECRETS OF ANWYNN o mystery o shamans ... cant leave their spheres of magic fight o druids ... cannot judge in heaven, where god judges o animals ... eat the bodies of evil men who hurt girls o faeries ... died when a little girl cried, see animals and 5x2 plus 1 ... 11 ... the sidhe ... the little girls ... not in +++ myth secret one q was why shaman uses tree to go DOWN, while hvn is above answer, bodily, as old as fish lower, high pressure, digesting stops, only work ... anwynn higher, lower pressure, digesting can work ... feast in hvn we also suggest that focus on skin blood makes all one copy, and imagination leaves no room for reaction ... discipline so ... hvn apart, feasting, rest anwynn, work, copy, discipline, orcs, work, travel, no food no wine ... animals eat the men ... who become higher +++
APPEND 01 We are head ELF in ZH... ZH is in EU... EU and climate... 55% target for 2030ad progress in past was especially with banning coal so we estimate 8 more years of 2% red gives 40% in 2030 and what must we think about 2050 and net zero... WTF
MANIFESTO to increase 1 in 1000 caring enough about climate ZH govt showed last December al too clear that it still lacks the right mindset for climate awareness and action. It declared it had 'grave concern' about ZH's enormous & polluting airport Schiphol... That's just the opposite of declaring Climate emergency like Spain & Ireland have already done. In October/November the World failed to take serious action at climate conference COP26. This was caused by India and China, who are demanding and planning for future growth of consumption, energy & economy. They are right, Africa, China, India and many other poorer countries SHOULD grow their wealth & consumption, that's just fair. But that fact can't be allowed to hamper action by the rich west (Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, etc). Action like abolishing coal, fossil cars and switching to electrical home heating all SHOULD have been undertaken since the 2010s but now we are already in the 2020s, and working for a 2030 goal of 55% emission reduction. WITH an uncertain promise of zero in 2050. This is not nothing, but 2030 is too late. Estimates say that in 2027 we will have consumed the global quotum to attain the Paris goal and wish of remaining under 1.5oC. Now we are heading for 3.2 or 3.4oC. Disaster. Failure. Phantom and climate activists and people taking drastic personal action should distance themselves from the govt, and the people who voted for their criminal behaviour to be reflected by govt in the rich west with its prominent dirty economy as a focus. = Only then one stands at the right side of history with the coming disaster that is Climate 2060-2070 and centuries to come. No one will respect those voters and govts. So don't respect them now. We are in a power vacuum and it should be a time of chaos, climate extremism, anarchy and Luddism. This mirrors respect for our planet, kids and future. = Phantom's Lijpje has been convicted for green action, vandalising many cars. We had no choice, couldn't be passive. Now we no longer address the climate criminals... We only hope there soon will be many more than 1 in 500 who take Climate serious. ... Our butts are injected for action. Our mind chemically changed. ZH acts like Soviet Russia in this. It doesn't even understand. Our secret service fears green and conspiracy. So... It is clear that ZH is the enemy of the planet, kids, and the future. Phantom stands with the Scientists. Science brought us the riches we have and brought great disaster after 2 centuries of progress, better health and consumption, mobility & media. Tech must become like nature. Sustainable. 100% and more so the population can grow forever. Phantom wants it. Science gets it. We are just too late. Forget the law of climate criminals around you. Look further and FIGHT. Thank You Lijpje ELF ZH More... more stats for engineering at co2.media Phantom site cyberspace green order a Phantom official uniform

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