notes archive 1

we have no romantic /physical/ partner

Four chances
marieke, eline, afra, charmaine
1992, 1995, 2001, 2001 – 19yrs back

All stalled fast…

The cause?

selfdisorder – trouble words, no energy



o vwo is srt rush porn: run into, rush
o also: commercials, programmes on TV

Ben op 12-16, mede dr +ew, blijven vallen



Ben cybernetic punk … less boundaries

minimal self & concl are smaller, see below

rel to input …

have less boundaries … punk > HAPPY BLOB


Sin ‘nudes’ is gewoon input,
no conclusion (relatie, wil, afsl)
lichaam staat op zich, absoluut, public

Sin cars ’21befr19′ was a signal,
with a high bio over matter,
body worth gehalte, echt jaren 80, sue


I also consulted psudoai


02/29 iii

The Body

taboo is shock

I don’t believe in ‘privacy is over’.

but the point with nude & sensually
stimulating matter is that:

o circulation is in a small corner of media

not in social media, not in mass media
circ is absent because it would shock.

taboo is shock in relation to your own
life & values. sex is a weird thing …
/in others/ 😐

=== eof

Other kinds of rewards
o coding: 1985-2007 most often about 2wks
o in case of coding ai ‘ns’ 6yrs high!!
o study 1995-2001-2004-2013


History of books, church
& freedom from power of church

800 Scholastic
1300 universities
1450 boekdruk
1650-1790 verlichting, rol burger, niet kerk
1950 maar zelfs in 50s invloed kerk Groot
1954 Gardner brengt witchcraft boek uit
1970-1980s homo rechten uk, 1954 dood Turing

The point: we all love imitating print

Now more fun


The App & Cloud universe
Apps ranked & some info / notes
(Top to Bottom)

YouTube ggl VID
chrome ggl. WEB

[com] COM
Facebook fb 2b users
WhatsApp fb
messenger fb
Instagram fb

Skype ms VID
word ms. WRD
Snapchat COM
Dropbox 500m FILES
12m paying users
twitter 300m COM
Flipboard. NWS

Netflix. MOV
spotify 100m users AUDIO

> CLOUD info . ch chaos, not from app list



my sources – 2014-2019

routine 74, digital

o france24 tv app 24h news
o Bloomberg radio
o twitter tech & env, nos
(72 sources)

often 7, digital

o web: wiki and
tech & news bbc, guardian
o misc web, Flipboard, rss
o Scribd books since 2014

incid 8, paper

o wired mag, since 1996
o misc mags, gaming, flow
o the new York times int paper
o trouw, fd, ft papers

Fav dvds

Johnny mnemonic
13th floor

Time Machine

Blade runner
Wisdom of crocodiles
Family man

Radiant Underground Intro Part ii



My Top 10 scientists before
quanta & modern physics

17th century
1 Hooke – strength, elast
2 Newton – mechanical physics

18th century
3 Lavoisier – chem
4 Dalton – chem

19th century
5 Faraday – electr
6 Darwin – evolut
7 Pasteur – ??
8 Mendel – bio, genes
9 Mendeljev – per table
10 Maxwell – electr


(02/29 note iv)

Amazing acceleration of
human knowledge

400k yrs ago – pre-humans
hunt with stone and wood weapons

70k-50k yrs ago – sapiens
has modern language

50k years little insight

1300 universities

1450 printing press

1563 habsburg postal service

1680 newton can describe
movement and force IN TIME
which kickstarts science

to which must be added, 400y+

2080 humans ruin the climate


more history on pu



According to Marc Andreessen
we are in a 300yr singularity
(See above)

What he monitors when he watches
the news, is whether these still work

o democracy
o markets / participation / growth
o freedom of speech / thought
o human rights
o technology
o science

interview on YouTube


Wiki, 4 big conflicts

Afghanistan – 41k dead in 2019
Yemen – 21k dead in 2019
Mexico – 17k dead in 2019
Syria – 10k dead in 2019


Okay science

I love edu

academic disciplines at wiki

het gaat erom wat je toevoegt aan web

dus pu & radiant



Subjects to ponder

Tech history
Freedom / dropout
My disease: sz sd ha shsh bound & magic
Inj … action / sdh

Tech history

I have decided to no longer
include homecomputers as real
computers, since they are a
million times less powerful.

So instead I pick the Mac
PowerBook 100 of 1991 as the first.
This one is a thousand times
less powerful than today’s.

It works out nice:

o in 1991 I was 18, imprint age
o 16yrs before the WIMP gui
was invented by Xerox (1975)
o 16yrs after 1991 I still
programmed, esp. 1994 til 2001
and some 3d and Sims til 2007



Sdh is beauty
Action is honour

Celtic values



History & zelfstudie

in afg 6jr niets om op terug te grijpen

2014 report freemedia na vermoeden cens twt
2015 jul lem & aug begonnen report acc
2016 report fr sign door hate sp agr jul
lem weg & actie
2017 report acc sign? actie na lem weg jun
2018 1.5jr weg door actie & dan opname
2019 80s gedraaid en notes gemaakt
2020 muziek & twt op RCA & 24″


1998 tm 2013 idee rt tel

1995 zelfstudie & idee ns
1996 dropout phase 1 voor ns
1997 afst, pres ai ns, werk

dus terug zelfstudie

cell bio ai nsci 1995-2013 18jr

dus: history & philosophy & dropout
en timelines, my disease & magic



if you know
o history
o religion
o philosophy

you know people, the world

dat was ‘t idee bij zelfstudie 1995


in 2010-2013 veranderde er iets in mij

zag verleden niet meer als *levend*

maar ontdekte dat je geschiedenis
mag indelen, zien, schrijven zoals
je maar wilt, denk door
us web & wired & twt invloed … freedom

geschiedenis als vast zat er diep in
veranderde door us & xp met notes

dus dat is iets van 2013 waarop ik
kan voortgaan

geen studie voor geheugen, maar lego


Western history in 3 screens



Gutenberg to Tesla in 3 screens

Ps: correction, Darwin is 1859 not 1759

Good to remember


darwin50 edison60 bell70
daimler80 tesla90 planck1900



02/27 note on cybernetics & selfdisorder

wiener – info & boundaries

hyp: the hyperalphabetic has less boundary

visual is used for text, not concl upon
motor is used for text, not to exert will


minimal self & self concl in hyperalphab
maximal input althrough, without act, concl


Dr. CWC (car wreck culture)
uses others for signals (2017 2018)
and uses stuff as input, without concl

disturbance of ego boundary enaction in schizophrenia


02/29 ii


Ecocide is purp by 5 million greedy
and car driving Dutch.

This is an education problem,
30 years ago I was smart enough to
see the incredible number of cars
as a problem. The last 15 years of
climate edu has given me a grip
on the fact that they commit ecocide.

The stupid 17th c elitist law does
nothing against this. Education problem

If I were left to be stupid like them,
I would believe in rule of law as well.

Two tips to get rid of * cars & greed *

o become time rich – work
less hours – time for edu

o travel in cyberspace – no
need for hurry & planes – also
a great way to get yur cyber edu

Start edu here


03/14 Freedom

o freedom from social stress
o from virtual fear (sz), real shame

So it seems, with psudoai, …
the shame is virtual too …
Since all is virtual because of
longing for isolation, ‘freedom’


03/15 Open knowledge vs. indep will

cyberculture – what cybernetics??
… book counterculture cyberculture* ->
wiener … info pattern complex … usco
mccluhan … tribal … global village
comprehensive designer
merry pranksters
whole earth … communes
econ … wired


communes are cells, isolated … not cybern
less boundaries is more cybern … & zen
activity … will <> cc act & alien

alien is thus very alien for will
will not against soc, in line medic attitude
acad medic … all get wiser (netkat!)
open knowledge … vs closed indep will


*One of the tenets of the book
is that the internet community
& companies could be deregulated