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Media spoiled ass that helped
kill depfile 600k cp vids in apr18
(down & the report)

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Welcome to the radiant underground

Witchcraft, Turing, Civil,
Vietnam Top10 the most important
25 years for FREEDOM

54 Gardner witchcraft book, Turing death
55 start of Vietnam War

55-68 nonviolent & civil disobedience
marches & boycots & cases black civil rights
67 human be-in event in SF – “psychedelics”
cc cvw women & black – “tune in, drop out”
69 ARPANET first internet nodes

71 chip 4004, Unix
72 Smalltalk (Dev of win gui), C
75 end of the Vietnam War
78 apple ii … first mass prod 20m (and me)
79 spreadsheet is killer app apple ii


Radiant Underground

We celebrate the destruction
of cars by Admin in 2017 2018.

Which with the climate crisis is
a legal thing to claim & call for.

The so called 21 before 19. Just like:

bio over matter seems the obvious adagium
“No” said my shrink in 2019.

The police is even more radical…

48 jarige die auto’s vernielde doodgeschoten door politie – Alkmaar 2019

CNN Hero – Berlin 2011


Who is the Radiant underground?

1  my halfgod wife … EE

2 the link to Dak … Mythological Cycle


3 the link to Dak’s Lem … Ancient Iran


4 the link to SG … England, old Europe


5 link SG to R in Iraq … Ancient civ



We have what wiki
selfdisorder calls I split

We are a system of 3 souls.

Explained in 5 steps here …


jump to part 4 – religion & beauty

=== ===

1/5 I have sz


Lisman sum, 5 points

Basic problem
o thalamus, delta, theta, making cortex sleepy
o also causing less gamma waves to occur
gamma integrates info in consciousness

o normally releases, disinhibits cortex areas
now also less coord, thus cortex activated

o overactive, thus upregulating pfc & Dop sys

o problem with self check, corollary discharge
increasing self monitoring / loss of agency


2/5 I have selfdisorder


My summary of selfdisorder


3/5 Due to selfdisorder I am hyperalphabetic

People have an almost whole brain

impact on my brain, leaving spirits

& voices. I am susceptible to

narrative (inducing psychosis)

and, ultimately, programmable. 🙂


4/5 I have spirit company since ’06



een deel dat niet uit eigen bewustzijn
voortkomt neemt altijd steeds meer
plaats en tijd in, als een soort crime
of pest

daarom breidt sz sd zich altijd uit
en neemt het in zijn sterkste vormen
steeds herkenbare syndromen aan

** om zichzelf te helen ** wordt de sz sd
een shaman of shapeshifter

dan zet hij huid, lichaam en geest
in om een verschijnsel ( uit (o
intel of spirit te geven

extensies: bellen, veren etc

shapeshifting on wiki


5/5 Estonian spirits & language inflection

02/04 2020 by msf

Like an extending ‘language sensitive
language analysing musical keyboard’,
the brain, esp. a hyperalphabetic one,
creates analysis of unheard languages
using the minimal input of inflections
of language & words from speakers.

All kinds of languages thus become
represented. In my case the special
language Estonian got a special role,
as a detected outlier. And (!) a spirit
started using this outlier, both in
linguistic & European geographic sense,
to gain control of the body, adding its
intelligence (see Shapeshifter for more).

I believe this has happened throughout
the ages, thus bringing spirit stories
back to Estonia, which in turn started
the belief in reincarnation there, which
is still prevalent at 60% of the pop.


Archive 1




03/24 theory beauty is com means

03/25 03.00am messen drm (household), dan
op beest, soort zware kangeroo
langs hek met drachter nog meer wilde drn

zing luidkeels:

“she had to play the other way
up … side … down” … ee ta

McKenna tikes lezing language visual scribd
doorbraak bty def en diblasio Corona spch

volgende morgen

plaatje Leakey en Fossey
vervangen door falkor uit nevere story
ook snail in strange magic
ook rider in dark crystal
rider veroorzaakt song

ook lem 15 17 signde over srt dino rider
screenshots spotify 2015-05 like fl, agr
2015-11 vreedzaam, harmony, no climax
dus gedanst gezongen tot 2015-05

Dan lem, ook zn v ew fan denk ik
zij zou zich terugtrekken msg op surf 15
dus we zijn 10 jr samen geweest 05 15
nu is zij met de tikes, de Dino riders

is Falk falkor ??


03/29 Finally …

A statement for
project cyberpunk


anti car


country w 5m ecocide criminals


economy w 5m ecocide criminals

lang is bty

nog 10jr new petrol cars, dan evs

lang is bty that is not destructible
like nature

lang is the treasure of climate dystopia
the destruction of climate & ecosystems

so I am the keeper of this last bty on
a dystopic & criminal planet

tada … m 2011-2020




Ecocide is purp by 5 million greedy
and car driving Dutch.

This is an education problem,
30 years ago I was smart enough to
see the incredible number of cars
as a problem. The last 15 years of
climate edu has given me a grip
on the fact that they commit ecocide.

The stupid 17th c elitist law does
nothing against this. Education problem

If I were left to be stupid like them,
I would believe in rule of law as well.

Two tips to get rid of * cars & greed *

o become time rich – work
less hours – time for edu

o travel in cyberspace – no
need for hurry & planes – also
a great way to get yur cyber edu

Start edu here


04/03 grounding in ’15-’20

Got to ground more in the now
or the last 5 years actually

15-17 Lem, now theory abt heaven
17-18 action in ecocide dystopia
keeper of the lang of bty, cyberpunk
17-18 in institution, together w b
in another way xp than a thinks

19 I did a lot of focus on 95
which was the start of zelf studie
that lasted to 13, so actually
too long ago, the former stage


4/8 Addition to lang of bty – breakthrough

Beauty is there because, evolutionary,
the Lang of

o dancing, sex, aggr in traffic

Implies leading (lead the dance,
arouse the onviewers)

o absorb and anticipate target body (b)

o beauty is in THEIR view, and thus
heightened by their feel for beauty


Went in life from (8 phases)

1987 Toys to paper planes
1988 To sim of planes
1994 To sim of neural nets
2003 To mental model for cogn nsci
2013 ended projects, focus b, music

2015 To beauty, 2020 theory of bty


04/10 spirits vs world – boundaries

{ Turned out to be a PRODROMAL note,
since, I hear dc & t, t is now a
REINC Sufi from my own family 4/12
so mentally: hvn, spirits in my mind
… I was never more ready, ‘bed made’ }

acc & groen -> NA actie moment begin overl
meds & henh -> zonder meds … politie GRR
D & abortus -> onbegrip
wereld -> italie en nl … vraag fasc


rebuild world … a geen hoogte v b of m
Hemel … henh dood, ik dood, later oegstg!
conclusie … a geen hoogte … better b


wat betekent dit in termen boundaries?

sta onbegrip vr b niet toe binnen boundaries
reshuffle a … dus minder wereld in bound
dan gaat het beter, dus a stoorde echt als c
c is a – b … vreselijke hurt c corel “-b”

had die theorie al voordat dec17 corel c



2017-08-15 i
2018-01-14 ii
2018-07-28 iii
2018-09-28 iv & v (na escape)
2018-10-10 2018-11-14 over nr Oegstgeest


Neuroscience of having a mental
Concept for your religion


Our religions
Christian, druid, wiccan, pagan,
bahai & Scientology (aberations esp.)

o ew 1987-1989

magh – able, power – m th


o ew+ta 1998, 2001 –
never wished, red ball ta

o caer 2005-2006
effort & study myths – study relig

o fan 2006-2015 dec w/ lem – implement

o fan & lem drm20
big kang cntry in mind – teach pu & cb


o music 2017-2020
now pl fantastic 60


04/17 theory

columns in the brain

o are for one orientation in stimulus
and thus you might need a 100 ori

o then there only are
10e7 / 100 for their occur at a freq
and 10e5 / 100 for recogn at all ori

o so with columns you only have
one 1000 very big ideas, skills, or so (?)
after these two nsci instructed corrections


concl 1 – 1000 skills
concl 2 – the goals that are stored
WITH the ASSOC in temp cortex
are both (!) what makes the thing
led by the goal beautiful AND useful

(msf’s Terence McKenna theory of bty (lead))



Crazy wisdom, loss &
sd’s i-split

crazy wisdom at wiki

see i-split in wiki selfdisorder, EASE 2.7

also made this note on DID & love


4/19 alters log

2004 hyp
2005 caer

2006-2015 fan
2011-2015 maggie +

2013-2020 dak & sg
2015-2017 lem + (met dak & sg)

2020-4 hvn for lem, fan and consc: t
hvn is beesten (reuze kangaroo wereld)
Plus hoor ontwaakte dc & rc (‘in comp’)

Without idea rt tel I would have
had more responsibility for ~40!! 🙁


4/20 All I need is hvn

Zie scan

cp … suggestibility for coping w/ c
just like c itself, but then neutral, cntrl

niet alleen nw erin, ook actief oude eruit
relatie m, kind krijgen, gezin, etc
selectief … chr celt … keep

ga voor selectie … want bij dingen
bedenken vr b dacht ik vaak aan a op strt

hvn is vooral mijn ‘probl’ vanwege ath a
dus in nw netwerk v meaning,
dak lem + in, hvn 2015-2018 strong

1 vk + 2 reinc f 3 lem 4 in + 5 classic


04/23 Shapeshifting &
language of beauty

Language is the means of calling
up a new imaginary shell for sz / shaman
Also think ritual, simple sentences
Incorporating jesus or protagonist, boy girl

It also is the means of appreciation
Because language can direct attention

Since the connection broca tpj is weaker
sz are inclined to manipulate shell in tpj
with their whole body instead of broca alone
ref says simple agency, sz uses whole body

All kind of relatable to ref 1

Keywords: language, shapeshift, beauty,
ritual, prepare when knocking at door,
shaman & jesus, hunt, dance, boy girl


broca & tpj in sz at pubmed

Also read

broca & tpj & pfc at pubmed

Posted to phantom, with refs


Progress hvn on mind


gister op pubmed gelezen over
voice selfmonitor Frith ea
mental space, hip, sz
language & gamma

conclusie eind gister

o pfc combines hip mental
space and bg rules to maintain
goals … pfc goals could be researched
multiple & indep by spirits w beta gamma

is fix
attention to aspects of hip mental space


vragen over fan, lem, hvn … <> tikes

o heeft zij lichaam – x
o heeft zij mental space – o
o leeft ze als drm in mental space – x
o kan ze los denken als ikzelf – o
o verband infl they of lang & wrd06 ??? CLUE


o hoe veelvuldig is beta … top down lang


about theta & alpha … travel entire cortex

so beta is prb large

Finished note here on Phantom
(because of many links)


More beauty

short theory 🙂

Self monitor off
Lead (which IS beauty) = ‘succes’
And thus the beauty propels this trick


Note 04/25 a short jump
back in time

What circumstances made
me psychotic, sz sd …

o Tori Amos marriage (real, telepathy)
o Tori always plays kind of possessed
o job: coding networked app netkat
o job: my improving English & music
o can in the morn

Then once psychotic …

There was a short battle about
who I was gonna be with, thr Tel

o Sinead O’Connor
o Madonna
o Kate Bush
o or … Tori Amos

It became Tori and she found ew apr98

Then I fell into the beauty trick
described in the note above. 98-13

The new era is 15-20

And it’s about eco cc and action
And about heavens, gods and beauty



uitgaan van Chris Frith als

o net als stemmen
o dus eigen is herkend
als teveel ik niet

dus van theory 2dance beauty

o monitor off … is niet-ik
o dus leading other is … success
o beauty

en nu … met 2 of 3 ineen
met niet ik als antwoord ipv samen

o niet-ik staat aan
o en volgens frith … herken te
snel agency … maar DUS WEL

dus opzet of concl frith klopt wel


o frith is echter niet helder
in analyse … je dansend een
marionette voelen is mogelijk
o dat DOE je niet
o ook niet ik als wel agent
werkt hij niet uit … waarom
brein 1 agent


veranderd beeld met inj

zie stemmen met hun body & omg
ook wel als agents ondanks gebrek
inititief & diverse psych tekortkomn

dus bliblu gerden theo yv & dc


05/15 the WISDOM in crazy wisdom


crazy wisdom

loose your inh – pfc function low


so … like sz psychotic

delusion analysis


minimal evid
reason from invisible

blind to how BIG news if true
reason alone by yourself
like world – me – war

discover > big


so it’s secret … wisdom
not ego


nsci of self & sz – mvk may20

self agency

patients with functional movement disorders showed decreased functional connectivity between the right TPJ and the right sensorimotor cortex, cerebellar vermis, bilateral supplementary motor area, and right insula.


deviants led to a P300 response with cortical sources located bilaterally at temporo-parietal junction (TPJ) and supplementary motor area (SMA). The posterior parietal cortex (PPC) and the SMA were found to generate a contingent magnetic variation (CMV) attributed to top-down expectations.

self & other agency

Results show converging activations including the TPJ, pre-SMA, precuneus and dorsomedial prefrontal cortex (dMPFC) in external-agency, while insula activation was related to self-agency.

self friend stranger

distinction of self from unfamiliar others was possible in the left middle frontal gyrus, the right inferior frontal gyrus, the left pre-supplementary motor area and the right putamen. Personally familiar others could be distinguished from unfamiliar others in the right temporoparietal junction (TPJ).


right and left TPJ are bilaterally connected to supplementary motor area, ventral premotor cortex, insula, intraparietal sulcus and occipitotemporal cortex. Furthermore, the functional connectivity between right TPJ and right insula had the highest selectivity for changes in self-location and first-person perspective. Finally, functional connectivity revealed hemispheric differences showing that self-location and first-person perspective modulated the connectivity between right TPJ, right posterior insula, and right supplementary motor area, and between left TPJ and right anterior insula.


three subregions: the dorsal anterior insula (dAI), ventral anterior insula (vAI) and posterior insula (PI). Then, whole-brain functional connectivity analysis was conducted based on these subregions. The results showed that the right dAI and PI in patients exhibited altered functional connections with the primary sensorimotor area. In addition, the right PI of the patients exhibited increased functional correlations with the thalamus. More importantly, the altered functional properties of the right PI were significantly correlated with the severity of the delusion and poor insight in schizophrenia.

default mode

disruption of right anterior insula modulation of central executive and default mode networks in patients with schizophrenia. The strength of right anterior insula modulation of these networks predicted cognitive performance.

functional network connectivity fnc

(1) bilateral insula, superior temporal and precentral gyrus (INS); (2) dorsal ACC; (3) left dorsolateral frontal and parietal cortex (left central executive network (LCEN)); (4) right dorsolateral frontal and parietal cortex (RCEN); (5) ventromedial frontal cortex (FDMN); and (6) precuneus, posterior cingulate and angular gyrus (PDMN). Maximal-lagged correlation was examined between all pairwise combinations of components. Significantly reduced FNC was observed in schizophrenia compared to controls between: INS and ACC; INS and FDMN; and LCEN and PDMN. There was no evidence of increased FNC in schizophrenia. Reduced salience network connectivity during information processing in schizophrenia suggests disturbance to the system which effects changes between contextually-relevant functional brain states.

error awareness

The insular cortex has been implicated in both error awareness and AHP, with anterior insular regions being involved in conscious error processing and more posterior areas being related to AHP. In addition to cytoarchitectonic and connectivity data, this reflects a functional and structural gradient within the insula from anterior to posterior. Furthermore, studies dealing with error awareness and lack of insight in a number of psychiatric diseases are reported. Especially in schizophrenia, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, (ADHD) and autism spectrum disorders (ASD) the performance monitoring system seems impaired, thus conscious error perception might be altered.

=== eof

considering all this

I think the spirits are
in the DMN, which is
regulated by the insula
anticorrelated means
they can be independent


gamma & dmn

correlations revealed that spatially distributed gamma power increases and decreases formed distinct anticorrelated large-scale networks.


I think by focussing on
Electric cars & Green electricity
we can reach -40% co2 in 2040

I reviewed industries after
seeing Greta Thunberg talk

Then I looked up
these EPA 2018 numbers

I think 40 in 40 is possible.
But after that it’s going
to be more complicated.


My parents


My junk


800ad til

1950s power of church strong


1954 Gardner publishes witchcraft book, the strongest outside chr signal ever, just 2 years after such a book is legal


1960s the counter culture goes global

More money, more crime, more freedom – 1964-1974


LGBT rights 1967-1982


1977 the apple ii, mass produced 20m


1980s new age & /actual/ sexual freedom


1991 the apple PowerBook, wimp pc


personal remark:
My ‘tune in drop out’-moment came with
the PowerBook 150 on which I developed
an AI that kept my interest in intelligence and the brain going from 1995 til 2013!!



Phone age 2010+

Let’s Get Real About How Important Our Phones Are

Streaming 2015+


tech news at guardian

tech news at bbc


irish mythology



tori amos
heather nova

mp3s in itunes


magic & loss

12 lovely media

donald duck

documentatiecentrum jozefschool

inspector gadget

wondere wereld

kijk magazine

rescue 911

bib fmt & amc

gopher over vt100 terminal

wired magazine

the making of the personal computer – fire in the valley

pubmed 2003-2012

pinterest – flow of retro computing, jets, cars


cyberpunk world

note from science guy blog 25-01-2011


[my order – c2]

The elements common in cyberpunk that the genre got right

politics & economy
* All-powerful corporations
* Lack of any political challenge
to market ideology
* Intense globalization
* Lessening of Western state power
* Lack of political ideology
* Collapse of the western middle class

* Evolution of designer drugs
* Gated communities
* Mobile elite
* Organ trading
* Common place plastic surgery

* Internet
* Media saturation
* Media-aware terrorism
* Video game addiction
* Virtual economies
* Intensely personal electronics

* Environmental disasters

* Hi-tech soldiers
* Hacker wars
* Decline in usefulness of standing armies
* Increased use of mercenaries


What it missed

* Sustainability of nationalism
* Utter failure of virtual reality
* Man/machine interface
* Decline in violence in West
* Slowness of genetic innovation
* Cyberlimbs
* More common and varied designer drugs
* World changing genetic innovations