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Different neural frequency bands integrate faces and voices differently in the superior temporal sulcus - PubMed
EEG patterns in theta and gamma frequency range and their probable relation to human voluntary movement organization - PubMed
Theta and beta synchrony coordinate frontal eye fields and anterior cingulate cortex during sensorimotor mapping - PubMed
Theta-activity in anterior cingulate cortex predicts task rules and their adjustments following errors - PubMed
A long-range fronto-parietal 5- to 10-Hz network predicts "top-down" controlled guidance in a task-switch paradigm - PubMed
Theta anterior cingulate rules - Search Results - PubMed
Roles of Prefrontal Cortex and Mediodorsal Thalamus in Task Engagement and Behavioral Flexibility - PubMed
Building tasks from verbal instructions: an EEG study on practice trial exposure and task structure complexity during novel sequences of behavior - PubMed
Theta task rules - Search Results - PubMed
Distinct Oscillatory Dynamics Underlie Different Components of Hierarchical Cognitive Control - PubMed
Prefrontal planning eeg - Search Results - PubMed
Hippocampal-prefrontal theta phase synchrony in planning of multi-step actions based on memory retrieval - PubMed
Electrophysiological correlates of planning and monitoring in first episode schizophrenia - PubMed
Enhanced functional synchronization of medial and lateral PFC underlies internally-guided action planning - PubMed
Involvement of the prefrontal cortex in problem solving - PubMed
Gamma oscillations in the hippocampus - PubMed
Rhythms of the hippocampal network
The right hippocampus leads the bilateral integration of gamma-parsed lateralized information - PubMed
Perturbation of theta-gamma coupling at the temporal lobe hinders verbal declarative memory - PubMed
Neural Correlates of Music Listening and Recall in the Human Brain - PubMed
High gamma oscillations in medial temporal lobe during overt production of speech and gestures - PubMed
Whole network, temporal and parietal lobe contributions to the earliest phases of language production - PubMed
Disordered high-frequency oscillation in face processing in schizophrenia patients - PubMed
Reading the mind's eye: online detection of visuo-spatial working memory and visual imagery in the inferior temporal lobe - PubMed
top-down attentional control - Search Results - PubMed
Brain and Cognitive Mechanisms of Top-Down Attentional Control in a Multisensory World: Benefits of Electrical Neuroimaging - PubMed
Top-down versus bottom-up control of attention in the prefrontal and posterior parietal cortices - PubMed
Top-down versus bottom-up attentional control: a failed theoretical dichotomy - PubMed
Selection history alters attentional filter settings persistently and beyond top-down control - PubMed
Novelty competes with saliency for attention - PubMed
Attention and memory benefits for physical attractiveness may mediate prosocial biases - PubMed
A top-down saliency model with goal relevance - PubMed
Coherent Coding of Spatial Position Mediated by Theta Oscillations in the Hippocampus and Prefrontal Cortex - PubMed
Dynamic frontotemporal systems process space and time in working memory - PubMed
Longitudinal quantitative EEG study of children with different performances on a reading-writing test - PubMed
! Reduced alpha-gamma phase amplitude coupling over right parietal cortex is associated with implicit visuomotor sequence learning - PubMed
Only Three Fingers Write, but the Whole Brain Works: A High-Density EEG Study Showing Advantages of Drawing Over Typing for Learning - PubMed
! The roles of alpha oscillation in working memory retention - PubMed
Directional coupling of slow and fast hippocampal gamma with neocortical alpha/beta oscillations in human episodic memory - PubMed
Synchronization of Sensory Gamma Oscillations Promotes Multisensory Communication - PubMed
U-shaped Relation between Prestimulus Alpha-band and Poststimulus Gamma-band Power in Temporal Tactile Perception in the Human Somatosensory Cortex - PubMed
Gamma activity coupled to alpha phase as a mechanism for top-down controlled gating - PubMed
Attentional modulation of alpha/beta and gamma oscillations reflect functionally distinct processes - PubMed
Alpha-gamma interactions are disturbed in schizophrenia: a fusion of electroencephalography and functional magnetic resonance imaging - PubMed
Formation of visual memories controlled by gamma power phase-locked to alpha oscillations - PubMed
High-beta/low-gamma frequency activity reflects top-down predictive coding during a spatial working memory test - PubMed
Cortical EEG alpha rhythms reflect task-specific somatosensory and motor interactions in humans - PubMed
Functional aspects of alpha oscillations in the EEG - PubMed
EEG alpha photic driving abnormalities in chronic schizophrenia - PubMed
Negative symptoms in schizophrenia - PubMed
Shaping functional architecture by oscillatory alpha activity: gating by inhibition - PubMed
! Somatosensory alpha oscillations gate perceptual learning efficiency - PubMed
Dopamine Receptors Influence Internally Generated Oscillations during Rule Processing in Primate Prefrontal Cortex - PubMed
Mesoscale Mapping of Mouse Cortex Reveals Frequency-Dependent Cycling between Distinct Macroscale Functional Modules - PubMed
Memory formation by neuronal synchronization - PubMed
Rules rule! Brain activity dissociates the representations of stimulus contingencies with varying levels of complexity - PubMed
Brain rhythms and neural syntax: implications for efficient coding of cognitive content and neuropsychiatric disease - PubMed
Brain rhythms and neural syntax: implications for efficient coding of cognitive content and neuropsychiatric disease.
Theta- and delta-band EEG network dynamics during a novelty oddball task - PubMed
Electroencephalography delta, theta, and alpha oscillations in valence-space metaphorical associations - PubMed
Delta, theta, and alpha event-related oscillations in alcoholics during Go/NoGo task: Neurocognitive deficits in execution, inhibition, and attention processing - PubMed
Electroencephalographic Signatures of the Neural Representation of Speech during Selective Attention - PubMed
Increased parietal circuit-breaker activity in delta frequency band and abnormal delta/theta band connectivity in salience network in hyperacusis subjects - PubMed
The Role of Low-frequency Neural Oscillations in Speech Processing: Revisiting Delta Entrainment - PubMed
Attention explores space periodically at the theta frequency - PubMed
Theta and alpha band oscillations during value-directed strategic processing - PubMed
Thinking theta and alpha: Mechanisms of intuitive and analytical reasoning - PubMed
Electroencephalogram alpha-to-theta ratio over left fronto-temporal region correlates with negative symptoms in schizophrenia - PubMed
A theory of alpha/theta neurofeedback, creative performance enhancement, long distance functional connectivity and psychological integration - PubMed
Occipital Alpha and Gamma Oscillations Support Complementary Mechanisms for Processing Stimulus Value Associations - PubMed
EEG delta oscillations as a correlate of basic homeostatic and motivational processes - PubMed
EEG delta activity: an indicator of attention to internal processing during performance of mental tasks - PubMed
Frontal EEG delta/alpha ratio and screening for post-stroke cognitive deficits: the power of four electrodes - PubMed
Low delta and high alpha power are associated with better conflict control and working memory in high mindfulness, low anxiety individuals - PubMed
Endogenous spatial attention directed to intracutaneous electrical stimuli on the forearms involves an external reference frame - PubMed
Role of Alpha-Band Oscillations in Spatial Updating across Whole Body Motion - PubMed
Granger causal connectivity dissociates navigation networks that subserve allocentric and egocentric path integration - PubMed
Facilitation of allocentric coding by virtue of object-semantics - PubMed
Dynamics of the EEG power in the frequency and spatial domains during observation and execution of manual movements - PubMed
Human brain dynamics accompanying use of egocentric and allocentric reference frames during navigation - PubMed
THETA-Rhythm Makes the World Go Round: Dissociative Effects of TMS Theta Versus Alpha Entrainment of Right pTPJ on Embodied Perspective Transformations - PubMed
EEG correlates of spatial orientation in the human retrosplenial complex - PubMed
Characterizing the Roles of Alpha and Theta Oscillations in Multisensory Attention - PubMed
Coupling Between Theta Oscillations and Cognitive Control Network During Cross-Modal Visual and Auditory Attention: Supramodal vs Modality-Specific Mechanisms - PubMed
Distributed Attention Is Implemented Through Theta-Rhythmic Gamma Modulation - PubMed
Theta Oscillations Organize Spiking Activity in Higher-Order Visual Thalamus During Sustained Attention - PubMed
Theta-gamma Coordination Between Anterior Cingulate and Prefrontal Cortex Indexes Correct Attention Shifts - PubMed
A Rhythmic Theory of Attention - PubMed
Eeg theta attention - Search Results - PubMed
Not All Errors Are Alike: Theta and Alpha EEG Dynamics Relate to Differences in Error-Processing Dynamics - PubMed
Gamma Oscillatory Activity Related to Language Prediction - PubMed
Evoked and Oscillatory EEG Activity Differentiates Language Discrimination in Young Monolingual and Bilingual Infants - PubMed
Language-related Gamma EEG Frontal Reduction Is Associated With Positive Symptoms in Schizophrenia Patients - PubMed
Language Prediction Is Reflected by Coupling Between Frontal Gamma and Posterior Alpha Oscillations - PubMed
Fluency Tasks Generate Beta-Gamma Activity in Language-Related Cortical Areas of Patients During stereo-EEG Monitoring - PubMed
Ways of Making-Sense: Local Gamma Synchronization Reveals Differences Between Semantic Processing Induced by Music and Language - PubMed
Human Verbal Memory Encoding Is Hierarchically Distributed in a Continuous Processing Stream - PubMed
A Predictive Coding Framework for Rapid Neural Dynamics During Sentence-Level Language Comprehension - PubMed
Phase-amplitude Coupling Between Theta and Gamma Oscillations Adapts to Speech Rate - PubMed
Neural Oscillations and a Nascent Corticohippocampal Theory of Reference - PubMed
Induced Gamma Oscillations Index Individual Differences in Speech Sound Perception and Production - PubMed
Oscillatory EEG Dynamics Underlying Automatic Chunking During Sentence Processing - PubMed
The Role of Gamma Oscillations During Integration of Metaphoric Gestures and Abstract Speech - PubMed
On a Possible Relationship Between Linguistic Expertise and EEG Gamma Band Phase Synchrony - PubMed
Network Dynamics of Broca's Area During Word Selection - PubMed
Early Cognitive and Language Skills Are Linked to Resting Frontal Gamma Power Across the First 3 Years - PubMed
Top-down and Bottom-Up Mechanisms as Reflected by Beta and Gamma Oscillations in Speech Perception: An Individual-Difference Approach - PubMed
Effects of Musical Expertise on Oscillatory Brain Activity in Response to Emotional Sounds - PubMed
Resting Gamma Power Is Linked to Reading Ability in Adolescents - PubMed
Decoding Hand Gestures From Primary Somatosensory Cortex Using High-Density ECoG - PubMed
The Rhythm of the Executive Gate of Speech: Subthalamic Low-Frequency Oscillations Increase During Verbal Generation - PubMed
Gamma Phase-Synchrony in Autobiographical Memory: Evidence From Magnetoencephalography and Severely Deficient Autobiographical Memory - PubMed
Electrocorticographic Gamma Activity During Word Production in Spoken and Sign Language - PubMed
The Neural Oscillatory Markers of Phonetic Convergence During Verbal Interaction - PubMed
EEG Frequency Bands in Psychiatric Disorders: A Review of Resting State Studies - PubMed
Do Not Look Away! Spontaneous Frontal EEG Theta/Beta Ratio as a Marker for Cognitive Control Over Attention to Mild and High Threat - PubMed
Frontal EEG Theta/Beta Ratio as an Electrophysiological Marker for Attentional Control and Its Test-Retest Reliability - PubMed
EEG Theta/Beta Ratio as a Potential Biomarker for Attentional Control and Resilience Against Deleterious Effects of Stress on Attention - PubMed
Distinct Roles of Theta and Alpha Oscillations in the Involuntary Capture of Goal-Directed Attention - PubMed
A Division of Labor Between Power and Phase Coherence in Encoding Attention to Stimulus Streams - PubMed
Long-range Functional Coupling Predicts Performance: Oscillatory EEG Networks in Multisensory Processing - PubMed
Beta and Theta Oscillations Differentially Support Free Versus Forced Control Over Multiple-Target Search - PubMed
Cross-frequency Phase-Amplitude Coupling as a Mechanism for Temporal Orienting of Attention in Childhood - PubMed
Brain Networks Communicate Through Theta Oscillations to Encode High Load in a Visuospatial Working Memory Task: An EEG Connectivity Study - PubMed
Localization of Cortical Phase and Amplitude Dynamics During Visual Working Memory Encoding and Retention - PubMed
Theta Oscillations Index Human Hippocampal Activation During a Working Memory Task - PubMed
Input Convergence, Synaptic Plasticity and Functional Coupling Across Hippocampal-Prefrontal-Thalamic Circuits - PubMed
EEG Signatures of Dynamic Functional Network Connectivity States - PubMed
The Hippocampo-Neocortical Dialogue - PubMed
Theta Phase Modulates Multiple Layer-Specific Oscillations in the CA1 Region - PubMed
Reentrant Information Flow in Electrophysiological Rat Default Mode Network - PubMed
Transient Suppression of Broadband Gamma Power in the Default-Mode Network Is Correlated With Task Complexity and Subject Performance - PubMed
Power Spectral Aspects of the Default Mode Network in Schizophrenia: An MEG Study - PubMed
Basal Forebrain Somatostatin Cells Differentially Regulate Local Gamma Oscillations and Functionally Segregate Motor and Cognitive Circuits - PubMed
The Brain's Code and Its Canonical Computational Motifs. From Sensory Cortex to the Default Mode Network: A Multi-Scale Model of Brain Function in Health and Disease - PubMed
Theta-phase Gamma-Amplitude Coupling as a Neurophysiological Marker in Neuroleptic-Naïve Schizophrenia - PubMed
Missing Piece of the Puzzle in the Science of Consciousness: Resting State and Endogenous Correlates of Consciousness - PubMed
The Absence of Resting-State High-Gamma Cross-Frequency Coupling in Patients With Tinnitus - PubMed
A Switch and Wave of Neuronal Activity in the Cerebral Cortex During the First Second of Conscious Perception - PubMed
Modular Functional-Metabolic Coupling Alterations of Frontoparietal Network in Schizophrenia Patients - PubMed
Broadband Cortical Desynchronization Underlies the Human Psychedelic State - PubMed
Distinct Interactions Between Fronto-Parietal and Default Mode Networks in Impaired Consciousness - PubMed
Structural and Functional Connectivity of the Precuneus and Thalamus to the Default Mode Network - PubMed
Efficacy of an Integrative Treatment for Tinnitus Combining Music and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy-Assessed With Behavioral and EEG Data - PubMed