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Climate News -- ScienceDaily
Arctic Ocean started getting warmer decades earlier than we thought -- ScienceDaily
Antarctic ice-sheet destabilized within a decade: A new Study provides critical insights into ice mass loss in Antarctica -- ScienceDaily
New research could help boost growth of clean cooking in sub-Saharan Africa: Study demonstrates the importance of LPG supply-side enhancements to increase clean fuel consumption -- ScienceDaily
Warmer soil stores less carbon -- ScienceDaily
Climate changed abruptly at tipping points in past: Statistical method more accurately determines whether jumps in ice core data significant or merely noise. -- ScienceDaily
Amazon Rainforest birds’ bodies transform due to climate change -- ScienceDaily
Global temperatures over last 24,000 years show today's warming 'unprecedented' -- ScienceDaily
Warming temperatures increasingly alter structure of atmosphere: New research quantifies extent of rising tropopause -- ScienceDaily
Repurposing carbon dioxide may be key to net-zero emissions: Researchers turning carbon dioxide into value-added chemicals through reduction reactions -- ScienceDaily
New climate pledges, if fulfilled, now significantly more likely to prevent worst of global warming -- ScienceDaily
Green transition creates new risks and rewards -- ScienceDaily
Using microbes to make carbon-neutral fuel -- ScienceDaily
Climate change to stir up global agriculture within next decade -- ScienceDaily
Increased frequency of extreme ice melting in Greenland raises global flood risk -- ScienceDaily