twin soul

are a consciousness of protection

exists in different dimensions

ensoulment - the receiving of the soul

Ein Sof - emanates from the divine

Christ consciousness a pattern for all

created physical forms to answer 
the inner needs and desires 
of the earth souls

ascendence - to a higher consciousness

earth angel - or similar creatures, 
so-called lightworkers

Catholic - Each human soul is 
individual and immortal

Orin - refers to your soul as that 
part of you that has individual 
consciousness, that is a bridge between 
the Divine Self and your personality. 
Your soul is a repository of all 
your lifetimes of experience, 
and grows as you grow

The universe - may be conscious,
say prominent scientists 

twin flame - As soon as your Twin Flame 
is created, you enter Earth at the 
same time or within a few years 
of each other

Angel - A souled being, birthed 
from the original Oneness, created 
by the love of Spirit. 

Angel's Peak - An inner space or 
dimension that gives a much broader 
or higher perspective of what's 
happening in your life and the world

Catholic - must be created out of 
nothing because (1) the souls of 
the parents cannot split off parts 
to form the child's soul and 
(2) the child's soul cannot 
be a fusion of parts

angels - created to operate in the 
spiritual dimension. That's why 
angels are surrounded by 
high-intensity spiritual light and 
have a very high-frequency vibration. 
Since they have never incarnated 
on earth before, some scholars believe
that the "Rainbow" generation of 
souls may include a large number of angels

ranks - there are seen to be 
9 ranks or orders of angels

soul contracts - agreements, that you 
enter into before birth. Before this 
contract was created, your spirit 
guides empower you to decide which 
life lesson scenarios will enable 
your soul to evolve

angel - being or substance who is a 
pure spirit. Angels have intellect 
and will and so exercise knowledge 
and love, but they do not have bodies 
or live an embodied form of life. 
Each angel is essentially a
center of consciousness without a body, 
but we need to qualify that and say 
that angels are conscious in a 
manner far beyond human beings

nephilim - hybrid creature conceived 
by an angel and a human.The offspring 
contains a mixture of human soul and 
angelic grace as a source of power, 
inherited from both parents

Quantum Theory of Consciousness

new age - a "warehouse" of souls 
exists in heaven, all of which were 
created by God at the beginning, and 
each time a new body is created, 
God attaches a soul to it. This view 
has no biblical support whatsoever

Bible - spirits (Hebrews 1:14)—like 
the soul of man, but without a 
physical body. They are apparently 
not part of our physical universe, 
but of a spiritual Heavenly realm

higher dimensional - seven-fold beings 
with a "body" on each of the sub-planes 
of the fourth dimension. When our 
Soul decided to experience life as a 
third dimensional being, it sent a 
fragment of its essence down the 
long, vibrational path through the 
fourth dimension. Upon each of the 
sub-planes a body was created of 
the substance of that plane

creation of angels - That the angels 
were created was laid down in the 
Fourth Lateran Council (1215)

talk - the block in angel communication is 
not that angels are not talking to us, 
but people do not know how to 
talk to them

Bible on angels - beings who have 
greater power and ability than humans.
(2 Peter 2: 11) 
They exist in heaven, or the 
spirit realm, which is a 
level of existence higher than 
the physical universe.
(1 Kings 8: 27; John 6: 38) 
Thus, they are also referred to as 
spirits. —1 Kings 22:21; Psalm 18:10

year 2000 - in the year 2000, 
a group of souls began an unprecedented 
process of spiritual evolution 
referred to by many as "ascension." 
It was decided at the highest soul levels 
that it was now time to wrap things up 
here on Earth, release and reclaim 
every form that we had infused our energy 
within for eons of time since 
the very beginning

the bible - says we cannot call upon 
angels only god can order the angels