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Subject list, which is quite informative by
Itself or as a start for your study of the brain





Here on Phantom: impacts of climate change & archived news



STUDY-choice 'C' - Impacts of climate change - Library created 2004-2013

STUDY-choice 'N' - Topic Cognitive Neuroscience - Created August 2018

Lesson Program v5 - Topic Cognitive Neuroscience -
Instruction version "structured" v5.0 - Created August 2018


Layout of Instruction

o part 1: introduction
o part 2: laying out all topics
o part 3: ahead of the game -
addressing future nsci, from wiki
o more sources


o part 1: introduction

The best intro

Study all brains/ documents


Neuroscience Quick Intro - 36 functions localized

In a picture

prefrontal cortex (front)
action planning
decision making
value evaluation
working memory
cognitive control

welcome to phantom university

Welcome to Phantom University

on the front page
use the top article to pick a source

or dive in at the study pages


we created this free university
for girls who are disempowered, poor,
abused or otherwise disadvantaged.

we got DID
from being a fan of Tori Amos
who does a lot for RAINN network for abused.

we were never abused but we were stressed
because we lost a loved one in 1989

we thought having DID would make us a good
DID researcher but we thought the current
problem of climate change and the general
question what is my brain doing make more
interesting topics. we enjoyed studying
the two topics from 2003 til 2013.

and thus, here is phantom, with a nod at DID


Girlpower 2019... How you can be native D.I.D. if you can focus on being 'un-complex'

We compiled this Girlpower Protocol
in 2018, now we want to make
something better for 2019


*** How we became DID ***

we have directed ourselves to have
DID (a split person, we have N souls, nsoul)
in order to help TA who has it too and has
us (m) as an alter and a large audience

we always strived to have a 'bare bones' brain

we have did AND schizophrenia, so it seems healthy
to be uncomplicated by anything

Media Freedom / Free Speech update


Tech Firms, Activists Suffer Copyright Defeat After EU Vote

EU reaches tentative deal on copyright in digital age

a good read on the state of journalism, on wired, what you know, but need to hear



The global state of freedom of expression and information is at its lowest point for ten years. - reported 12/5

Online freedom is declining around the world, says report - Freedom House - reported 11/1

EU -- Articles 11 and 13 of the EU Copyright Directive take a wrecking ball to core concepts, ... will have [impact] on innovation and the ability to communicate online - sep18

Phantom free media 2017

Climate update link page

Time is running out for stopping Climate
Change: world on track for +3.5 in 2080

No stopping, no mitigation, people are
talking dollars now, and only ''adaptation'' ... SAD

So we go back to this August feature:

Losing Earth: The Decade We Almost Stopped
Climate Change - New York times 8/1 2018


Updates for November

People must use less transport, eat less red meat and buy fewer clothes if the UK is to virtually halt greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, the government's chief environment scientist has warned.

urgent changes needed include ending population growth, leaving fossil fuels in the ground, halting forest destruction and slashing meat eating.

Global emissions need to be halved by next decade and net-zero by mid century, says energy economist Nebojsa Nakicenovic

“Nearly two-thirds of the pledges under the Paris climate agreement are ‘totally insufficient’ to meet critical climate targets.” And almost no nation in the world is on track to meet those targets.
tweet here:

India, the U.S. and China saw some of the biggest rises in greenhouse gas emissions in 2018, a new report says. The EU’s output fell by 2.5%
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Updates for October

Temperature world wide

We just had the warmest October on record (narrowly ahead of Oct 2015), according to #Copernicus #C3S. Monthly temperatures over the past 12 months have averaged close to 1.2°C above the pre-industrial level defined by IPCC.
tweet here:


Bank of England boss says global finance is funding 4C temperature rise

Ocean acidification

tweet here:

“If 0.25 was enough to precipitate a mass extinction, we should be worried.”

Researchers estimate that the pH of the ocean will drop by 0.4 pH units by 2100 if carbon emissions are not stopped, or by 0.15 units if global temperature rise is limited to 2C.

Where's Greta?

I'll hopefully make it to COP25 in Madrid.
I’ve been offered a ride from Virginia on the 48ft catamaran
La Vagabonde. Australians @Sailing_LaVaga,
Elayna Carausu & @_NikkiHenderson
from England will take me across the Atlantic.
We sail for Europe tomorrow morning! (Nov 13th)


Updates for September

More below

Science & Physics link page

Learn physics with simulations

Learn physics & space (pre-college level)


News Updates

New observations challenge universe model

For #Leiden #Wassenaar #Leidschendam
#Indianapolis - here: FOURx #materialscience
to never forget - #graphene #aerosol -
(best practices?) superbugs #medicine:
1) #gel 2) #nanospunge cf. Pubmed

"Girlpower got its Protocol"

#Kawaii #Sweet #Inclusive
#Inclusive At twitter (160 tweets per hour)

Contents of this Title

o Phantom Girlpower Protocol jul18 v1
o #metoo in the news
o more


Phantom Girlpower Protocol jul18 v1


AI quick learning - Cheat sheets by Kirk Borne

Modeling & Simulation - An Introduction - LINK

Neuroscience - inspiration on Consciousness

Three Problems of Consciousness

by C2-PO

I've been reading up on consciousness yesterday, and I think I just had a nice insight in how consciousness could potentially operate. It's not a big theory, just a few things that always bothered me, and now seem to be solved. So let's jump right in...

Problem #1 - Where does it all come together?

Neuroscience - on Mental Operations - inspiration

*causal reasoning* is the only mental operation that has significant substance

the supposed module can be activated to calculate hedonically optimal life *goals*

for the process of *decision-making*, it can calculate prediction, foresight

*abstraction* of elements in the descriptions of a set of perspectives on a situation, can aid *problem solving*, it uses abstraction, loss of detail as a way to describe a variable, to be filled in when a solution is found in the world or mind


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