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Phantom will help you prep for the lessons you can take here ... Phantom is NOTHING official by the way ... No cost, but No diploma No credits, etc

For the little kids ... You could prep about Climate Life & Biology by studying:

And beyondPenguins, which is very hands-on and diverse

BRAIN Play with LEGO MINDSTORMS to understand basic problems of robots, real bodies and the intelligence needed in the real world. Go to the Lego Mindstorms page

BIOLOGY Play the game SPORE on Steam
Study the ABC of Biology

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For the bigger kids under 18 years
prep by studying:

STUDY-choice 'C' - Impacts of climate change - Library created 2004-2013

STUDY-choice 'N' - Topic Cognitive Neuroscience - Created August 2018

Lesson Program v5 - Topic Cognitive Neuroscience -
Instruction version "structured" v5.0 - Created August 2018


Layout of Instruction

o part 1: introduction
o part 2: laying out all topics
o part 3: ahead of the game -
addressing future nsci, from wiki
o more sources


o part 1: introduction

The best intro

Study all brains/ documents


Spice Girls were the Biggest Style Influencers of 2018 according to Financial Times' Kate Finnigan

Finnigan report in Financial Times'
that Spice Girls after 20 years of fame
still rule global Style & INVENTED girlpower

Spice girl tweets

Spice girl web info via duckduckgo

Every movie trailer we have for 2019's biggest films - at CNET


And, if you missed them...

The 20 Best Movies of 2018: Superheroes, Stalin, and Lady Gaga

Girlpower 2019... How you can be very Special (DID) if you can focus on being 'un-complex'

We compiled this Girlpower Protocol
in 2018, now we want to make
something better for 2019


*** How we became DID ***

we have directed ourselves to have
DID (a split person, we have N souls, nsoul)
in order to help TA who has it too and has
us (m) as an alter and a large audience

we always strived to have a 'bare bones' brain

we have did AND schizophrenia, so it seems healthy
to be uncomplicated by anything

Media Freedom / Free Speech update


Tech Firms, Activists Suffer Copyright Defeat After EU Vote

EU reaches tentative deal on copyright in digital age

a good read on the state of journalism, on wired, what you know, but need to hear



The global state of freedom of expression and information is at its lowest point for ten years. - reported 12/5

Online freedom is declining around the world, says report - Freedom House - reported 11/1

EU -- Articles 11 and 13 of the EU Copyright Directive take a wrecking ball to core concepts, ... will have [impact] on innovation and the ability to communicate online - sep18

Phantom free media 2017

Climate update link page

Time is running out for stopping Climate
Change: world on track for +3.5 in 2080

No stopping, no mitigation, people are
talking dollars now, and only ''adaptation'' ... SAD

So we go back to this August feature:

Losing Earth: The Decade We Almost Stopped
Climate Change - New York times 8/1 2018

Our own post 2012 reporting:


Updates for May

Asia's glaciers provide buffer against drought

Widespread permafrost degradation seen in high Arctic terrain

Melting small glaciers could add 10 inches to sea levels

Better understanding of the effect of melting ice sheets: Experts weigh in

Cement as a climate killer: Using industrial waste to produce carbon neutral alternatives

How ocean melts Antarctic Ice Sheet

Tsunami signals to measure glacier calving in Greenland

Arctic rivers provide fingerprint of carbon release from thawing permafrost

Nature's dangerous decline 'unprecedented,' species extinction rates 'accelerating'

More below

Science & Physics link page

Learn physics with simulations

Learn physics & space (pre-college level)


News Updates

New observations challenge universe model

For #Leiden #Wassenaar #Leidschendam
#Indianapolis - here: FOURx #materialscience
to never forget - #graphene #aerosol -
(best practices?) superbugs #medicine:
1) #gel 2) #nanospunge cf. Pubmed

"Girlpower got its Protocol"

#Kawaii #Sweet #Inclusive
#Inclusive At twitter (160 tweets per hour)

Contents of this Title

o Phantom Girlpower Protocol jul18 v1
o #metoo in the news
o more


Phantom Girlpower Protocol jul18 v1

The internet brought...

o pressure on newspapers
o pressure on journalism
o citizen journalism
o pressure on retail
o phone replaced the pc

o '05 blogging, vlogging, podcasting - admin has
o '09 rise of fb, youtube, Instagram
o ads and use of personal data
o communities are bubbles, polarized
o internet absorbed classic media
books, radio, tv, news:
ebooks, internet radio, netflix, and
other streaming platforms

o old internet ideals would not come true




15th century: Rifle in Europe
1439: Printing press in Mainz, Germany: The printing press is invented in the Holy Roman Empire by Johannes Gutenberg before 1440, based on existing screw presses. The first confirmed record of a press appeared in a 1439 lawsuit against Gutenberg.[205]
1605: Newspaper (Relation): Johann Carolus in Strassburg, Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation (see also List of the oldest newspapers)[218][219]
1608: Telescope: Patent applied for by Hans Lippershey in the Netherlands. Actual inventor unknown since it seemed to already be a common item being offered by the spectacle makers in the Netherlands with Jacob Metius also applying for patent and the son of Zacharias Janssen making a claim 47 years later that his father invented it.
1630: Slide rule: invented by William Oughtred[221][222]
1642: Mechanical calculator. The Pascaline is built by Blaise Pascal

We reviewed duckduckgo on 'fascism', top to bottom

"fascist" "youth" "italy" -"world war" -nazis -youtube -antiques -1930 -1937 -mussolini -nazi


Most relevant ...


Top to bottom (ddg pg 5)



Top - name of movement members,
Rivalry, friendly face & commercial items

Magic resources from Phantom

Girlpower 2019... How you can be very Special (DID) if you want to focus on being 'un-complex'

Eleven kinds of magic
[Under construction]

Magic on Phantom

Egyptian Book of the Dead

How many Wiccans are there, world wide?? Answer: FIVE MILLION

Wiccans represent a small fraction of the military, roughly 1,500 among 1.4 million active personnel,
So maybe 0,1% in USA, so 0,3 million or less


free media blog


we now have to try to watch
the impact of the meme ban,
article 11 and 13 of EU copyright.


EU news



THz tech technology




Link wired magazine

LIFE - Aspects of Life - A Good Starting Point for ANY Note

o real estate [& life, social, pets, food, health] ln1
o shopping
o sports
o education
o religion & spirituality
o style & fashion
o hobbies & interests
o tech & computing
o science
o travel
o news
o arts & entertainment
o society
- crime / relations / sex / aging / work / services
o law, gov & politics



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